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IWM ID Title Town
12801 Backwell Backwell Photographed
7446 St Andrews - Boer War Backwell Photographed
7447 St Andrews - WW1 Backwell Photographed
7448 St Andrews - WW2 Backwell Photographed
29230 Banwell - WW1 Banwell Photographed
29231 Banwell - WW2 Banwell Photographed
29234 Banwell - WW1 Banwell Photographed
29236 Banwell - WW1 Banwell Photographed
29237 Lt C H B Turner Banwell Photographed
12908 Banwell Banwell Photographed
7199 Capt G H H Almond Bath Photographed
7200 Maj T Everard-Hutton Bath Photographed
7201 Anglo-American Friendship Bath Photographed
66087 Locksbrook Cemetery Bath Photographed
7213 St Michaels Parishioners - WW1 Bath Photographed
7215 Blair Family Bath Photographed
7225 London County Westminster and Parrs Bank - Milsom St Bath WW1 Bath Photographed
7226 Westminster Bank - Milsom St Bath WW2 Bath Photographed
7230 Boer War Bath Photographed
7231 Guildhall WW1 Bath Photographed
7232 Belgian Memorial Bath Photographed
7233 Capt A Beach Hatt and Capt E Beach Hatt Bath Photographed
7238 Twerton Bath Photographed
7240 St Johns Parishioners - WW1 Bath Photographed
7241 Cdr C Dalrymple-Hay Dsc Rn Bath Photographed
7243 Manvers Street Baptists - WW1 Bath Photographed
7269 Bathforum School - WW1 Bath Photographed
7275 Bath Bath Photographed
55406 Lt Col Gomm Bath Photographed
7307 4th Battn Somerset Light Infantry - WW1 Bath Photographed
7308 Capt A S T Reilly Bath Photographed
7309 Bath and Wells Change Ringers - WW1 Bath Photographed
7310 Bath and Wells Change Ringers - WW2 Bath Photographed
7311 Bath St John Ambulance Brigade Bath Photographed
7315 Bath Book of Remembrance - WW2 Bath Photographed
7316 Capt A Sutherland Rn and Capt A Sutherland Bath Photographed
7319 Lt G R Venning Dso Bath Photographed
7320 8th Battn Somerset Light Infantry - Colours Bath Photographed
7321 Wessex Divisional Royal Engineers Bath Photographed
29138 Bath Post Office Bath Photographed
64988 Angel of Peace Bath Photographed
12795 Lt G D Willoughby Bath Photographed
28960 Blagdon - WW1 Blagdon Photographed
28961 Blagdon - WW2 Blagdon Photographed
29852 St Andrews Church - WW2 Blagdon Photographed
29154 Men of Blagdon - WW1 Blagdon Photographed
29155 Chapel of The Resurrection Blagdon Photographed
12914 St Peter and St Paul WW1 Bleadon Photographed
12915 St Peter and St Paul WW2 Bleadon Photographed
12920 Bleadon WW1 Stones of Remembrance Bleadon Photographed
29156 Bleadon Rolls of Honour Bleadon Photographed
29157 Sgt V C Tutton Dsm Bleadon Photographed
46133 St Nicholas Parishioners - WW2 Brockley Photographed
46136 2lt D B Sinclair Brockley Photographed
29158 Capt H Inman Burrington Photographed
29160 Parishioners of Burrington - Window Burrington Photographed
29161 Kings and Regimental Colours Burrington Photographed
29165 Sir G P V Wills Bt Burrington Photographed
7503 Cameley Parish - WW1 Cameley Photographed
46138 R E Lauder Chelvey Photographed
7490 Chew Magna - WW1 Chew Magna Photographed
7491 Chew Magna - WW2 Chew Magna Photographed
7492 A E Littleton-Geach Chew Magna Photographed
18821 Holy Trinity Church Cleeve Photographed
12800 Clevedon and District Clevedon Photographed
12858 East Clevedon Clevedon Photographed
12863 Christ Church WW1 Clevedon Photographed
12865 Clevedon Gwr Clevedon Photographed
12867 St Marys WW1 Clevedon Photographed
12868 Lt R W L Edington Clevedon Photographed
12869 Lt L Hopkins Clevedon Photographed
12870 Spr F W J Smith Clevedon Photographed
12871 Church of The Immaculate Conception WW1 Clevedon Photographed
12872 Clevedon Methodist Church - WW1 Clevedon Photographed
7486 Compton Martin - WW1 Compton Martin Photographed
7487 Lt B B Gough Compton Martin Photographed
7463 Congresbury - WW1 Congresbury Photographed
7464 Congresbury - WW2 Congresbury Photographed
29248 St Andrews Church- WW1 and WW2 Congresbury Photographed
29262 St Andrews - WW1 and WW2 Congresbury Photographed
12882 J F Carlyle Congresbury Photographed
18823 Ptes Blackmore and Petheram Congresbury Photographed
18824 Congresbury Congresbury Photographed
7526 Corston Corston Photographed
7493 West Harptree - WW1 (Private Residence) East Harptree
7494 East Harptree - WW1 (Private Residence) East Harptree
7511 St Laurences Parishioners - WW1 East Harptree Photographed
7512 St Laurences Parishioners - WW2 East Harptree Photographed
7513 Capt C M Kemble East Harptree Photographed
7504 Hinton Blewett Hinton Blewett Photographed
12921 Capt C De B Boone and Maj H G Boone Dso Hutton Photographed
12922 J M Furnivall Hutton Photographed
12923 Hutton Hutton Photographed
12925 Hutton Hutton Photographed
29174 WW2 Photographs Hutton Photographed
29175 Kenn - WW1 Kenn Photographed
12929 St Pauls Church WW2 Kewstoke Photographed
12930 St Pauls Church WW1 Kewstoke Photographed
56859 St John The Baptist Church - WW1 Keynsham Photographed
56860 St John The Baptist Church - WW2 Keynsham Photographed
56861 Pte E J Blunden Keynsham Photographed
56862 Lt D C Tucker Keynsham Photographed
7249 Keynsham and Saltford Keynsham Photographed
29272 Kingston Seymour - WW1 Kingston Seymour Photographed
31818 Maj F S Savage Midsomer Norton Photographed
46229 Midsomer Norton WW1 and WW2 Midsomer Norton Photographed
66219 Midsomer Norton Methodist Church - WW1 Midsomer Norton Photographed
7290 Lt W A T Hill Monkton Combe Photographed
7441 Nailsea Nailsea Photographed
7442 Christ Church Parishioners Nailsea Photographed
7443 Pte W J Baker and L/cpl F T Baker Nailsea Photographed
7444 Pte F C James Nailsea Photographed
7256 Newton St Loe Newton St Loe Photographed
7257 Newton St Loe - WW2 Newton St Loe Photographed
7258 Lt S T Hardwick Newton St Loe Photographed
7259 Lt C E Eaton Newton St Loe Photographed
7260 Maj E H Kirkpatrick Newton St Loe Photographed
7261 Lt A C Lascelles Newton St Loe Photographed
18814 Paulton Paulton Photographed
18818 Royal British Legion Garden of Remembrance Paulton Photographed
13031 Arnhem Paulton Photographed
50530 North Weston Portishead Photographed
46290 St Peters Church WW1 Portishead Photographed
46298 St Peters Church WW2 Portishead Photographed
46299 Paymaster Cdr G Williams Portishead Photographed
46300 2lt E G Howell Portishead Photographed
46301 Bts Formidable and The National Nautical School - WW1 and WW2 Portishead Photographed
46303 Mardyke House - WW1 Portishead Photographed
7399 Radstock Radstock Photographed
7547 Saltford Saltford Photographed
7548 St Marys Parishioners - WW1 Saltford Photographed
7549 St Marys Parishioners - WW2 Saltford Photographed
7550 Capt F W Ward Saltford Photographed
7552 Maj A H Hobbs Saltford Photographed
29348 St Nicholas New Church - WW1 and WW2 Uphill Photographed
29350 Maj R B Graves-Knyfton Uphill Photographed
46307 Uphill Victory Hall Uphill Photographed
12859 St Pauls Church WW1 Walton In Gordano Photographed
9145 West Harptree - WW1 West Harptree Photographed
9146 West Harptree - WW2 West Harptree Photographed
9149 West Harptree West Harptree Photographed
46286 Weston In Gordano - WW1 Weston In Gordano Photographed
46287 C H C Wills Weston In Gordano Photographed
46291 Weston In Gordano - WW2 Weston In Gordano Photographed
7439 Weston Super Mare - WW1 Weston Super Mare Photographed
1328 Weston Super Mare Cross Weston Super Mare Photographed
1331 Lt R W May Weston Super Mare Photographed
1332 2lt C I Lillington Weston Super Mare Photographed
12856 Men of Weston Super Mare Weston Super Mare Photographed
12857 Capt F Smith Weston Super Mare Photographed
3142 Weston Super Mare, Uphill and Kewstoke Weston Super Mare Photographed
30028 Christ Church WW1 Weston Super Mare Photographed
30035 St Pauls Church - Choir Weston Super Mare Photographed
30036 St Pauls Parishioners Weston Super Mare Photographed
30037 Qms H P Bonsor Weston Super Mare Photographed
30038 J H Horne Weston Super Mare Photographed
30039 Maj F Le P Trench Weston Super Mare Photographed
30043 Lt F L Trench Weston Super Mare Photographed
30044 Major C W Todd Weston Super Mare Photographed
30046 Christ Church Weston Super Mare Photographed
29362 All Saints Parishioners Weston Super Mare Photographed
29365 N G and M J Dickens Window Weston Super Mare Photographed
29373 A H Baker and F St G Tucker Weston Super Mare Photographed
29381 Burma Star Plaque Weston Super Mare Photographed
12937 Wick St Lawrence Wick St Lawrence Photographed
12938 St Lawrence Church WW1 Wick St Lawrence Photographed
25857 Sidcot School Winscombe Photographed
18828 Winscombe Winscombe Photographed
18830 Winscombe Recreation Ground WW1 and WW2 Winscombe Photographed
53926 Westminster Bank - WW2 (Shutdown) Winscombe
29354 M B Follett Winscombe Photographed
29355 J D W Mcmichael Winscombe Photographed
29356 Worle Clock Tower Worle Photographed
7465 Wraxall Wraxall Photographed
29087 HMS Snapper Wraxall Photographed
46292 All Saints Church - WW1 Wraxall Photographed
46293 All Saints Church - WW2 Wraxall Photographed
46294 Lt M L Tweedie Wraxall Photographed
46295 Capt R B M Wills Wraxall Photographed
7450 St Marys Church - WW1 and WW2 Yatton Photographed
29360 Men of Yatton Yatton Photographed

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