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IWM ID Title Town
2909 Abbotsham Abbotsham Photographed
25798 Abbotsham Parishioners - WW1 Abbotsham Photographed
25800 2lt G T Scott Abbotsham Photographed
25802 2lt R C Boyd Abbotsham Photographed
25803 Abbotsham Union Flag - WW1 Abbotsham Photographed
25804 Abbotsham Union Flag - WW2 Abbotsham Photographed
25806 2lt R G and Pte E W Pickard Abbotsham Photographed
25807 2lt R R Turner Abbotsham Photographed
25808 Lt A J C Heriz Smith Abbotsham Photographed
25240 All Saints Parishioners - WW1 All Saints Photographed
25241 All Saints Church WW2 All Saints Photographed
25186 Alphington Alphington Photographed
26050 Appledore Appledore Photographed
25788 Ashburton Ashburton Photographed
46040 St Andrews Church - WW1 and WW2 Ashburton Photographed
46041 Burma Campaign Ashburton Photographed
25439 Atherington Church Atherington Photographed
25181 Awliscombe Awliscombe Photographed
25182 Capt G Weldon Awliscombe Photographed
25183 Capt B H Besley Awliscombe Photographed
25184 Axminster Axminster Photographed
25185 Axmouth Axmouth Photographed
10442 Parish Church Axmouth Photographed
25190 St Marys Parishioners - WW1 Aylesbeare Photographed
25242 Bampton Bampton Photographed
796 Barnstaple Barnstaple Photographed
64546 HMS Stevenstone - Warship Week Barnstaple Photographed
55389 St Peter and St Mary Magdalene Church Barnstaple Photographed
25456 Men of Barnstaple Borough WW2 Barnstaple Photographed
25460 HMS Stevenstone Barnstaple Photographed
25463 St John The Baptist Church - WW2 Barnstaple Photographed
25465 Burma Campaign Barnstaple Photographed
25469 Park School Pavilion WW1 Barnstaple Photographed
25473 Southern National Omnibus Co Ltd Barnstaple Photographed
55448 Col C M Sumner Barnstaple Photographed
62371 St John The Baptist Church WW2 Barnstaple Photographed
62372 D J Furseman Barnstaple Photographed
55463 W Barlow Barnstaple Photographed
55464 142 Field Regt Ra Royal Devon Yeomanry Barnstaple Photographed
62377 St John The Baptist - WW1 Tablet Barnstaple Photographed
10462 Holy Trinity Church Barnstaple Photographed
25832 L/cpl A H Beer Beaford Photographed
25833 H J Cannon Beaford Photographed
25834 Pte Albert Down Beaford Photographed
25835 Pte William Hooper Beaford Photographed
55309 St Michaels Church - WW1 and WW2 Beer Photographed
25192 Beer Beer Photographed
25252 St Marys Church Cross Bickleigh Photographed
25253 St Marys Church Plaque Bickleigh Photographed
45892 Borough of Bideford - WW2 Bideford Photographed
45893 Borough of Bideford - WW1 Bideford Photographed
45898 No 414 Bideford Company Bideford Photographed
25836 Bideford - WW1 Bideford Photographed
10512 Parish Church - WW2 Bishops Nympton Photographed
10528 Parish Church - WW1 Died Bishops Nympton Photographed
10529 Parish Church - WW1 Served and Died Bishops Nympton Photographed
25475 Bishops Tawton Bishops Tawton Photographed
25476 Bishops Tawton Bishops Tawton Photographed
25477 Bishops Tawton Church Plaque WW2 Bishops Tawton Photographed
25839 Black Torrington Black Torrington Photographed
25841 Capt G Candler Black Torrington Photographed
25254 St Bartholomews Church Bow Photographed
25488 Bradninch Bradninch Photographed
25491 St Disens Church WW1 Bradninch Photographed
25195 Brampford Speke - WW1 Gateposts Brampford Speke Photographed
25196 Brampford Speke Parishioners Brampford Speke Photographed
25198 Branscombe Branscombe Photographed
25500 St Peters Church Bratton Fleming Photographed
25502 St Brannocks Church Braunton Photographed
25503 Brannock Church WW1 and WW2 Braunton Photographed
25504 Capt R P Dunn Pattison Braunton Photographed
25511 Braunton Braunton Photographed
25512 Royal British Legion Braunton Branch Braunton Photographed
25513 Burma Star Association Braunton Photographed
45863 Bridestowe Bridestowe Photographed
45864 St Bridgets Parishioners - WW2 Bridestowe Photographed
45865 2lt H J Palmer Bridestowe Photographed
25744 Embarkation of US Forces To Normandy Brixham Photographed
25209 Broadhembury Parish Broadhembury Photographed
25814 Buckfastleigh Buckfastleigh Photographed
25816 Pte H J Perkins Buckland In The Moor Photographed
25818 St Peters Church WW2 Buckland In The Moor Photographed
25875 Bucks Cross Parishioners - WW1 Bucks Cross Photographed
25259 St Marys Church Burlescombe Photographed
25239 Chardstock Chardstock Photographed
25284 St Matthews Church WW1 Cheriton Fitzpaine Photographed
25285 St Matthews Church WW2 Cheriton Fitzpaine Photographed
25286 Maj G R Trefusis Chittlehampton Photographed
25288 Chittlehampton Chittlehampton Photographed
25824 J H Oldham Chudleigh Photographed
25826 S J Cobley Chudleigh Photographed
25828 Pte R J Wills Chudleigh Photographed
25829 Lt S M Neilson Chudleigh Photographed
25830 R Farquhar Chudleigh Photographed
25988 Chudleigh Knighton Church Chudleigh Knighton Photographed
25538 St Mary The Virgin Parishioners - WW1 Churchstow Photographed
25539 St Mary The Virgin Parishioners - WW1 Churchstow Photographed
25772 Churston Ferrers Churston Ferrers Photographed
25873 Wellinton Bomber Clovelly Hugglepit Photographed
25843 St Marys Church WW1 Cofton Photographed
25486 St Johns Parishioners - WW1 Colaton Raleigh Photographed
25487 Colaton Raleigh WW2 Colaton Raleigh Photographed
25424 Colebrooke Parish Church Colebrooke Photographed
25425 Cpl F A N Rice Colebrooke Photographed
25247 Fl Lt J M Maynard Colyford Photographed
25248 2lt P Brown Colyford Photographed
25249 Colyton Colyton Photographed
25547 Cornwood Cornwood Photographed
25548 Capt W MacKworth Parker Cornwood Photographed
25549 Cornwood Parish Cornwood Photographed
50589 Lt Col J W Jessop Crediton Photographed
10433 P J Hugo and D Hugo Crediton Photographed
10440 Lt F D Montague Crediton Photographed
25292 Crediton Town and Hamlets Crediton Photographed
25293 Men of Crediton Crediton Photographed
25294 Cdr A Y C M Spearman and Collingwood Battn Royal Naval Division Crediton Photographed
25295 Lt E Tremlett DSO Crediton Photographed
25296 E E Tompkins Crediton Photographed
10450 Lt C St L Auber Crediton Photographed
10474 2lt H C Organ - Roll of Honour Crediton Photographed
10475 2lt H C Organ - Tablet Crediton Photographed
10224 Capt C W Symes Crediton Photographed
50584 American WW2 Roll of Honour Cullompton Photographed
50585 G Ewens Cullompton Photographed
50586 St Andrews Cullompton WW2 Cullompton Photographed
50587 Cullompton WW1 Cullompton Photographed
25297 Cullompton Cullompton Photographed
25304 Culmstock Culmstock Photographed
50570 Dalwood - WW1 Dalwood Photographed
25260 Dalwood Dalwood Photographed
50976 Cpl T W H Veale VC Dartmouth Photographed
45967 Pte R P Hearn and 2lt L W Hearn Dartmouth Photographed
45968 Sgt A S Bowhay Dartmouth Photographed
25558 St Saviours Parishioners - WW1 Dartmouth Photographed
25559 Men of Dartmouth Dartmouth Photographed
25860 Dawlish Dawlish Photographed
25865 Denbury Denbury Photographed
25901 Dolton Dolton Photographed
25902 Dolton Parishioners - WW1 Dolton Photographed
25904 Wc B E Smythies DFC Dolton Photographed
25312 St Mary The Virgin Church Down St Mary Photographed
25485 Pte A J Richards Dunkeswell Photographed
25570 Capt R Gransmore Ermington Photographed
25571 J W Edmunds Ermington Photographed
25572 Lt H H Backhouse MC Ermington Photographed
25573 Ermington Ermington Photographed
25574 St Peter and St Pauls Parishioners - WW1 Ermington Photographed
25575 Ermington WW2 Board Ermington Photographed
26016 Exbourne Church Exbourne Photographed
26017 Exbourne Church Clock Exbourne Photographed
26018 Exbourne Church WW2 Exbourne Photographed
46093 Maj J E I Masterson VC Exeter Photographed
46096 1st Batt Devonshires and Dorset Regt - Malta Exeter Photographed
25191 Devon Constabulary WW2 Exeter Photographed
25193 Devon Constabulary WW1 Exeter Photographed
25200 570 Exeter Photographed
25207 51st Devon Light Anti Aircraft Regt Exeter Photographed
25208 55th Light Anti Aircraft Regt Exeter Photographed
25215 Higher Cemetery City of Exeter Cross Exeter Photographed
25217 Royal 1st Devon Yeomanry Exeter Photographed
25222 Devonshire Regt Chapel Exeter Photographed
25223 Devonshire Regt Window WW2 Exeter Photographed
25224 Devonshire Regt Malaya and Kenya Exeter Photographed
25227 1st 2nd and 3rd Devonshire Regt Territorial Battns Exeter Photographed
25228 Devonshire Regt WW1 Exeter Photographed
62866 24th Field Ambulance Exeter Photographed
66482 HMS Exeter Window Exeter Photographed
46017 County of Devon Exeter Photographed
46033 Higher Cemetery - CWGC Cross Exeter Photographed
46043 Great Western Railway Roll of Honour WW1 Exeter Photographed
25872 Capt J C J Teague Exminster Photographed
45964 Exminster Hospital Staff Exminster Photographed
10451 Battle of Britain Exmouth Exmouth Photographed
23183 Farringdon Parishioners - WW1 Farringdon Photographed
25533 Filleigh Parish Church Filleigh Photographed
25534 Viscount H P Ebrington Filleigh Photographed
25536 Filleigh Church Cross Filleigh Photographed
25540 St Peters Church Cross Fremington Photographed
25542 St Peters Church Plaque WW1 Fremington Photographed
25551 Georgeham Church WW1 Georgeham Photographed
25552 Georgeham Church WW2 Georgeham Photographed
50573 Cdr R Salmon Gittisham Photographed
25302 St Michaels Parishioners - WW1 Gittisham Photographed
25303 Gittisham WW2 Tablet Gittisham Photographed
25913 Pte F S Winson Great Torrington Photographed
25914 Great Torrington Va Hospital Flags Great Torrington Photographed
25916 Pte C E Leate Great Torrington Photographed
25917 Lt Col F G G Morris DSO Great Torrington Photographed
25924 Great Torrington Great Torrington Photographed
25925 Great Torrington Parishioners - WW1 Great Torrington Photographed
10200 St Petroc Church Harford Photographed
10201 Col F C Briggs Harford Photographed
10202 Surgeon Lt A E Sherwell Harford Photographed
25934 Hartland Hartland Photographed
25936 Engineer Capt W D Chope and J A Chope Hartland Photographed
26020 Hatherleigh Hatherleigh Photographed
25560 Heanton Purchardon Church Heanton Punchardon Photographed
25561 RAF Chivenor WW2 Heanton Punchardon Photographed
25562 Lt B R Williams Heanton Punchardon Photographed
25563 Canadian Aircrew Heanton Punchardon Photographed
25315 Hemyock Hemyock Photographed
25588 High Bray High Bray Photographed
25589 High Bray Church High Bray Photographed
26022 Highampton Church Highampton Photographed
25317 St Simon and St Jude Church WW1 Hockworthy Photographed
25318 St Simon and St Jude Church WW2 Hockworthy Photographed
25894 Capt A F Salt Holcombe Photographed
45941 Surgeon Lt A L P Gould Holne Photographed
2943 Maj H V Duke MC and Bar Holne Photographed
2881 Holsworthy Holsworthy Photographed
52402 Holsworthy Book of Remembrance Holsworthy Photographed
25323 Honiton Honiton Photographed
25324 Capt H Mules Honiton Photographed
2933 Horrabridge Horrabridge Photographed
25591 P H Dene Horwood Photographed
25319 Huntsham Huntsham Photographed
46072 Ilfracombe Ilfracombe Photographed
46073 Ilfracombe Ilfracombe Photographed
25597 Ilfracombe Ilfracombe Photographed
25605 St John The Baptist Church Instow Photographed
25610 Capt W G Palmer Instow Photographed
46078 North Devon Cricket Club Instow Photographed
25899 Ipplepen Ipplepen Photographed
25919 St Andrews Church Ipplepen Photographed
25920 T T Luxton Ipplepen Photographed
25594 Ivybridge Ivybridge Photographed
25624 Kentisbury Church WW2 Kentisbury Photographed
25928 Kenton Kenton Photographed
25339 H S Allan Ma Killerton Photographed
25332 Kilmington Kilmington Photographed
25598 Kingsbridge and Dodbrooke Kingsbridge Photographed
25931 Kingskerswell Kingskerswell Photographed
25613 Loddiswell Memorial Obelisk Loddiswell Photographed
25642 Loxhore Church Loxhore Photographed
56077 V E Day Lydford Photographed
2937 Lydford Lydford Photographed
25350 Lympstone Lympstone Photographed
25340 Sgt H Coventon Lympstone Photographed
46082 Lynton Cemetery Lynton Photographed
25643 Lynton Lynton Photographed
25648 St Mary The Virgin Church Lynton Photographed
25649 Capt Hugh St Helier Jeune Lynton Photographed
25650 H H Lean Lynton Photographed
55865 Malborough Parishioners WW2 Malborough Photographed
55651 Malborough Roll of Service Malborough Photographed
55652 Malborough Roll of Honour WW1 Malborough Photographed
55653 RAF Bolthead Malborough Photographed
25351 Marsh Green Marsh Green Photographed
25655 Marwood Church Marwood Photographed
2940 Mary Tavy Mary Tavy Photographed
25626 Modbury Modbury Photographed
25954 Monkleigh Monkleigh Photographed
1622 Newton Abbot Newton Abbot Photographed
45949 Great Western Railway WW1 Newton Abbot Photographed
25362 Newton Poppleford Newton Poppleford Photographed
25337 St Cyr and St Julietta Church Newton St Cyres Photographed
25338 2lt J F G Rew Newton St Cyres Photographed
46087 North Molton Parish - WW2 North Molton Photographed
46088 North Molton North Molton Photographed
52200 North Molton Victory Hall North Molton Photographed
26036 St Peters Church WW2 North Tawton Photographed
26038 Capt J R D Tavener North Tawton Photographed
26039 Capt J L M Shaw North Tawton Photographed
26040 North Tawton North Tawton Photographed
2908 Northam Northam Photographed
62370 Major H C Bowles Northam Photographed
62378 Wortham Northam Photographed
26033 St Thomas A Becket of Canterbury Church Northlew Photographed
25345 Oakford Oakford Photographed
25346 St Peters Church Oakford Photographed
25349 F E Buller Oakford Photographed
25947 St Bartholmews Church Ogwell Photographed
45896 Okehampton Okehampton Photographed
25364 Otterton Otterton Photographed
25370 Ottery St Mary Ottery St Mary Photographed
25371 Ottery St Mary WW2 Ottery St Mary Photographed
25372 St Marys Parishioners - WW1 Ottery St Mary Photographed
45924 Paignton Cemetery - CWGC Cross Paignton Photographed
45926 Paignton Paignton Photographed
64674 Kerr Stuart Railway Locomotive No.2451 Parracombe Photographed
25483 Payhembury Payhembury Photographed
46090 Pilton WW1 Pilton Photographed
46091 Pilton - Served WW1 Pilton Photographed
52204 Capt J Hartnoll Pilton Photographed
52205 2lt E M Gould Pilton Photographed
25187 Pinhoe Church Pinhoe Photographed
25616 RAF Commonwealth and Allied Air Forces Plymouth Photographed
25681 St Andrews War Memorials - WW1 Plymouth Photographed
25705 Plymouth Royal Naval Memorial To The Missing. Plymouth Photographed
2209 Plymouth Division Royal Marines Plymouth Photographed
62417 29 Commando Regt Royal Artillery Plymouth Photographed
46047 Plymouth Old Contemptibles Book of Remembrance Plymouth Photographed
46048 5th (Prince of Wales) Battalion The Devonshire Regt - Colours Plymouth Photographed
46050 Plymouth City Police Force - WW2 Plymouth Photographed
46051 Plymouth Fire Services WW2 Plymouth Photographed
46076 St Andrew and St Mary Parishioners - WW1 Plymouth Photographed
25356 St Michaels Church WW2 Poughill Photographed
25953 Powderham Powderham Photographed
46092 Rackenford Rackenford Photographed
25381 Rewe and Netherexe Rewe Photographed
25380 Rockbeare Rockbeare Photographed
25384 Rousdon Estate - WW1 Rousdon Photographed
25666 Maj E H Foster Salcombe Photographed
25667 Usn WW2 Flag Salcombe Photographed
25668 2lt J E Calkin Salcombe Photographed
25669 Maj A L Gurney Richmond Salcombe Photographed
25670 De Courcy Stretton Family Salcombe Photographed
65489 Salcombe Salcombe Photographed
10205 Salcombe Methodist Chapel Salcombe Photographed
26053 St Andrews Church Sampford Courtney Photographed
46105 St John The Baptist Parishioners Sampford Peverell Photographed
25358 St Swithin Church Sandford Photographed
25396 Seaton Seaton Photographed
50576 Lt R W Gosney Seaton Photographed
50578 Seaton WW2 Seaton Photographed
25678 St Peters Church Shirwell Photographed
25360 Shobrooke Shobrooke Photographed
25480 Sidbury - WW1 Sidbury Photographed
25481 Sidbury - WW2 Tablet Sidbury Photographed
46034 Lt W H C Cave Sidbury Photographed
46035 Sidbury - Post 45 Conflicts Sidbury Photographed
25408 Sidmouth Sidmouth Photographed
25409 Men of Sidmouth - WW1 Sidmouth Photographed
25361 Silverton Silverton Photographed
25363 St Marys Church Silverton Photographed
50582 Sgt E W Moore Silverton Photographed
50583 Capt R D L G Savery Silverton Photographed
25714 South Hams US Battle Practice Area WW2 - Column Slapton Sands Photographed
25686 South Molton South Molton Photographed
25962 St Giles Parishioners - WW1 St Giles In The Wood Photographed
25963 St Giles In The Wood - WW2 St Giles In The Wood Photographed
25964 Capt J O Clemson St Giles In The Wood Photographed
25967 Capt F J G Walker and Maj H D Walker MC St Giles In The Wood Photographed
25778 St Marychurch - WW1 St Marychurch Photographed
25957 Starcross Starcross Photographed
25365 St Marys Church Stockleigh English Photographed
46106 2lt R Moore Stockleigh English Photographed
25366 St Mary The Virgin Church WW1 Stockleigh Pomeroy Photographed
25367 Gnr W Coombs Stockleigh Pomeroy Photographed
25368 St Mary The Virgin Church Stockleigh Pomeroy Photographed
25369 Capt H Hammond Stockleigh Pomeroy Photographed
25748 Stoke Fleming Stoke Fleming Photographed
25757 Stoke Gabriel Stoke Gabriel Photographed
25759 Stoke Gabriel Stoke Gabriel Photographed
25765 Stokenham Stokenham Photographed
25766 Lt A C Stone Stokenham Photographed
25767 St Michaels Parishioners - WW1 Plaque Stokenham Photographed
10207 Lt Col A M Holdsworth Stokenham Photographed
56085 Lt A E Spencer Tavistock Photographed
56086 Lt H Mockler-Ferryman Tavistock Photographed
2934 Men of Tavistock Tavistock Photographed
25378 St Thomas A Becket Church Thorverton Photographed
25379 F F Yeandle Thorverton Photographed
46107 Lt C A Campbell Tiverton Photographed
53801 London County Westminster and Parrs Bank - Tiverton WW1 Tiverton Photographed
25426 Blundells School Cross Tiverton Photographed
45969 WW1 Memorial Board Tiverton Photographed
45970 Officers and Men of Tiverton - WW1 Board Tiverton Photographed
45971 WW1 Memorial Panelling (Names) Tiverton Photographed
45972 WW2 Memorial Panel (Names) Tiverton Photographed
45974 Ve 50th Anniversary Tiverton Photographed
53918 Westminster Bank - Tiverton WW2 Tiverton Photographed
25421 Topsham Topsham Photographed
25422 Topsham Parish WW2 Chapel Topsham Photographed
25719 Slapton Beach D Day Practice - WW2 Torcross Photographed
25721 Operation Tiger Memorial Plaque Torcross Photographed
51000 Torquay Hospitals Torquay Photographed
56155 10th Battalion Home Guard Torquay Photographed
25784 Totnes - Cross Totnes Photographed
25702 Martinhoe and Trentishoe Trentishoe Photographed
25427 St Marys Church Uffculme Photographed
25430 Uplyme Uplyme Photographed
25431 Vimy Ridge German Door Knocker Uplyme Photographed
25391 St Mary The Virgin Church Washfield Photographed
25392 W E Snell Washfield Photographed
25393 Capt H De Las Casas Washfield Photographed
25709 A E Davey West Buckland Photographed
25710 Miller Family West Buckland Photographed
25711 F A Pace West Buckland Photographed
25712 West Buckland Church West Buckland Photographed
25716 West Down Church West Down Photographed
55506 L T Phillips and G L Phillips West Down Photographed
55807 R White West Down Photographed
25722 Westleigh Westleigh Photographed
25725 Westleigh Church Westleigh Photographed
59031 Royal North Devon Golf Club Westward Ho! Photographed
45908 Lt V R Bennett Whitchurch Photographed
45910 Whitchurch Whitchurch Photographed
45914 T J Higman Whitchurch Photographed
50991 Pte H Broome Widecombe In The Moor Photographed
25976 Widecombe In The Moor 15in Naval Shell Widecombe In The Moor Photographed
25977 St Pancras Parishioners Widecombe In The Moor Photographed
2872 Winkleigh WW1 Winkleigh Photographed
2873 Percy Molland Winkleigh Photographed
2874 RAF Winkleigh Station Ensign Winkleigh Photographed
26047 Winkleigh Winkleigh Photographed
25990 Witheridge Church Witheridge Photographed
46108 G W Snow Withleigh Photographed
25411 St Catherines Church Withleigh Photographed
25412 H J Paddison Withleigh Photographed
25461 St Swithins Church Screen Woodbury Photographed
25462 Woodbury Woodbury Photographed
25470 Maj R Masefield Woodbury Photographed
25472 Woodbury Salterton - WW1 Woodbury Salterton Photographed
26057 Yealmpton Yealmpton Photographed
52269 Fl Sgt J D Pringle Yelverton Photographed
56153 St Paul'S WW2 Yelverton Photographed
2919 RAF Harrowbeer Yelverton Photographed
2927 Yelverton War Memorial Hall and Recreation Field Yelverton Photographed
25419 St Peters Church Zeal Monachorum Photographed

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