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IWM ID Title Town
1048 Askerswell Askerswell Photographed
1049 R A Chignell Askerswell Photographed
1044 Batcombe Batcombe Photographed
26559 St Marys Church- WW1 and WW2 Beaminster Photographed
26561 St Marys Church-WW1 Wall Beaminster Photographed
926 Bere Regis Cross Bere Regis Photographed
46283 Bere Regis Scroll Bere Regis Photographed
26412 Blandford Forum WW1 Memorial Reredos Blandford Forum Photographed
26413 Blandford Forum Memorial Plaque Blandford Forum Photographed
26416 Blandford Forum Blandford Forum Photographed
26417 Sgt R Butler Blandford Forum Photographed
26418 Blandford Forum Rbl Stone of Remembrance Blandford Forum Photographed
55232 Hood Battn, Royal Naval Division Blandford Forum Photographed
55239 Royal Corps of Signals - Korean War Blandford Forum Photographed
55248 Royal Corps of Signals - Cross Blandford Forum Photographed
55249 Royal Corps of Signals - Roll of Honour Blandford Forum Photographed
49058 St Johns Church Boscombe Photographed
51401 St Clements Church WW1 Boscombe Photographed
51402 St Clements Church WW2 Boscombe Photographed
51405 St Marys Church WW1 and WW2 Roll of Honour Boscombe Photographed
26572 Bothenhampton Bothenhampton Photographed
26410 2lt L Burrows Bournemouth Photographed
26415 Bournemouth Bournemouth Photographed
26420 RCAF Plaque Bournemouth Photographed
51252 7th Battn Royal Hampshire Regt Colours Bournemouth Photographed
26421 National Association of Local Government Officers Bournemouth Branch Bournemouth Photographed
26422 Bournemouth Borough Officials WW1 Bournemouth Photographed
26424 Men of The Trees Bournemouth Photographed
51260 South African War Veterans Bournemouth Photographed
51262 H J R Harris Bournemouth Photographed
26431 C O Denman Jubb Bournemouth Photographed
51263 St Michaels WW1 Bournemouth Photographed
26432 Lt R M MCDonald Bournemouth Photographed
51264 L/sgt R Grant Bournemouth Photographed
51265 St Michaels Institute WW1 Roll of Honour Bournemouth Photographed
54599 Bournemouth Daily Echo Staff Bournemouth Photographed
51272 PO C Hight Bournemouth Photographed
51273 Old Contemptibles Bournemouth Photographed
51274 Dunkirk Veterans Association Bournemouth Photographed
26446 St Peters Church WW2 Bournemouth Photographed
26476 F C Riggs VC Bournemouth Photographed
49008 Cpl C R Noble VC Bournemouth Photographed
51569 St Lukes Church WW1 Bournemouth Photographed
51570 St Lukes Church WW1 Roll of Honour Bournemouth Photographed
49011 Fl Lt J H Green DFC Bournemouth Photographed
51571 St Lukes Church WW2 Roll of Honour Bournemouth Photographed
51584 HMS Phoebe WW2 Bournemouth Photographed
51585 HMS Phoebe - Warship Week Bournemouth Photographed
51379 St Albans Church WW1 and WW2 Bournemouth Photographed
51380 St Albans Church WW1 Bournemouth Photographed
49334 Wimborne Rd Cemetery CWGC Cross Bournemouth Photographed
51385 Capt E C Whiteley Bournemouth Photographed
53177 County Borough of Bournemouth Bournemouth Photographed
51386 St Augustins Church WW1 Bournemouth Photographed
53178 Bournemouth D Day 50th Anniversary Bournemouth Photographed
51390 St Andrews Church WW1 Bournemouth Photographed
53182 Capt A S Leathem Bournemouth Photographed
51391 St Andrews Church WW2 Tablet Bournemouth Photographed
53183 Cpl C R Noble VC Bournemouth Photographed
54740 Bournemouth Law Courts Bournemouth Photographed
49120 Bournemouth North Cemetery - Cross of Sacrifice Bournemouth Photographed
49121 Cpl C R Noble VC Sgt F C Riggs VC and Lt Col D A Seagrim VC Bournemouth Photographed
51175 Victory In Europe Tree Bournemouth Photographed
51180 Westbourne Methodist Church WW1 Bournemouth Photographed
66542 National Provincil Bank Employees Union - WW1 Bournemouth Photographed
51182 St Peters Resurrection Chapel Bournemouth Photographed
66547 Old Boys of Hailey School - WW1 Bournemouth Photographed
60448 Royal Armoured Corps - WW2 To Present Day Bovington Photographed
63307 Tank Mark Iv (Male) Number 2324 - WW1 Bovington Photographed
57478 Household Cavalry and Royal Armoured Corps Bovington Photographed
931 Bovington Camp Royal British Legion (Missing) Bovington
64492 Tank Mark I (Male) - WW1 Bovington Photographed
1094 Bradford Abbas Bradford Abbas Photographed
1085 Bradford Peverell Bradford Peverell Photographed
1086 Capt T R O Winwood Bradford Peverell Photographed
1087 Capt F Middleton Bradford Peverell Photographed
1088 2lt E Middleton Bradford Peverell Photographed
1089 Lt E M Williams Bradford Peverell Photographed
1090 T R O Winwood Bradford Peverell Photographed
1109 Bradpole WW1 Bradpole Photographed
1110 Bradpole WW2 Bradpole Photographed
927 Briantspuddle (Bladen Valley) Briantspuddle Photographed
1116 Bridport Bridport Photographed
66467 Unitarian Chapel - WW1 Bridport Photographed
26806 Capt H E Kitcher Bridport Photographed
26808 St Marys Church WW1 Bridport Photographed
55524 M A Sambles Bridport Photographed
55525 L/cpl B A Hobbs and Pte W E Hobbs Bridport Photographed
55526 United Congregational Church - WW1 Bridport Photographed
55527 United Congregational Church - WW2 Bridport Photographed
55528 St Swithuns Church Bridport Photographed
55530 Bridport Burma Star Bridport Photographed
26611 Maj H W F B Farrer Bridport Photographed
79 Broadmayne Broadmayne Photographed
48865 John The Baptist Parishioners WW1 Broadstone Photographed
48866 John The Baptist Parishioners WW2 Broadstone Photographed
48867 Men of Broadstone Window Broadstone Photographed
26365 Broadstone Memorial Hall Broadstone Photographed
113 Broadwey Broadwey Photographed
26629 Broadwindsor Broadwindsor Photographed
1105 Buckland Newton Buckland Newton Photographed
1106 E H Foot Buckland Newton Photographed
26822 D-Day Memorial Bench Burton Bradstock Photographed
26618 St Marys Church Burton Bradstock Photographed
26619 Burton Bradstock School Burton Bradstock Photographed
91 HMS Foylebank (Missing) Castleton
92 HMS Delight (Missing) Castleton
93 HMS Hood Plaque (Missing) Castleton
94 HMS Glamorgan (Missing) Castleton
1024 G H Digby Cattistock Photographed
1022 Cattistock Cattistock Photographed
1076 Cerne Abbas Cerne Abbas Photographed
55291 Charlton Marshall - WW1 and WW2 Charlton Marshall Photographed
26411 Hampshire Regt Charminster Photographed
1111 Charminster Charminster Photographed
1112 W R M Meyer Charminster Photographed
1113 F A Lee Norman Charminster Photographed
1114 2lt R Saunders Charminster Photographed
1115 Lt J N Grant Charminster Photographed
26642 Charmouth Charmouth Photographed
26643 M C Innes Charmouth Photographed
26644 Lt W M Sankey Charmouth Photographed
26645 H L Norris Charmouth Photographed
26646 Capt A J S H Hales and 2lt C E H Hales Charmouth Photographed
1039 Capt F J and 2lt R M Chadwick Chetnole Photographed
1040 Maj V C Methuen Reeves and Men of 1st Dorset Yeomanry Chetnole Photographed
1042 St Peters Church Chetnole Photographed
26749 Chideock Chideock Photographed
26433 Childe Okeford and Hanford Childe Okeford Photographed
26434 R Holdway Childe Okeford Photographed
26435 Childe Okeford Parish Roll of Honour Childe Okeford Photographed
1045 Chilfrome Chilfrome Photographed
1046 Chilfrome Chilfrome Photographed
1047 Capt D Wynyard Chilfrome Photographed
26387 Maj Nully Christchurch Photographed
26388 Capt M Shute Christchurch Photographed
26389 C Battery C Brigade Rha 1878-1881 Christchurch Photographed
26391 Mid J P Scarlett Christchurch Photographed
26393 Haskell Memorial Christchurch Photographed
26394 Capt N C G Cameron (WW1) Christchurch Photographed
53189 405th Fighter Group and Christchurch Airfield Christchurch Photographed
26366 Christ Church Priory Memorial Chapel Christchurch Photographed
26592 Colehill Colehill Photographed
26443 Capt J M C Wilson Corfe Castle Photographed
26444 St Edwards Parishioners - WW2 Corfe Castle Photographed
48797 Men of Corfe Castle Roll of Honour WW1 Corfe Castle Photographed
26369 British Drug Houses Ltd Corfe Mullen
59945 Corfe Mullen Parish Corfe Mullen Photographed
26597 St Huberts Parishioners - WW1 Tablet Corfe Mullen Photographed
26598 St Huberts Parishioners - WW2 Tablet Corfe Mullen Photographed
26599 Sgt P H J Ellis Corfe Mullen Photographed
48750 RAF Warmwell (Formerly Woodsford) Crossways
26530 RAF Warmwell Crossways Photographed
48723 Eldridge, Pope and Co Ltd (Brewery) Dorchester Photographed
36193 Col C J Biles Obe Dorchester Photographed
48754 6th Bournemouth Boys Brigade /moordown Sun School Dorchester Photographed
55679 Dorset Womens Land Army Dorchester Photographed
12426 Dorchester - WW2 Dorchester Photographed
66474 Pte H G Amor Dorchester Photographed
55759 1st Devonshire Regt Dorchester Photographed
1000 Dorchester Cenotaph Dorchester Photographed
1001 St Peters Cross Dorchester Photographed
1002 Tpr H Crocker Dorchester Photographed
1003 St Peters Parishioners Dorchester Photographed
1004 Salisbury Diocesan Guild of Ringers (Dorchester Branch) Dorchester Photographed
1006 W M Firth Dorchester
1007 W E Hill Dorchester
1008 C G Williams Andrews Dorchester
1009 J M Molesworth Collard Dorchester Photographed
1011 Holy Trinity Church Dorchester Photographed
1012 Dorchester Post Office Dorchester Photographed
1013 Hardyes School WW2 Gates Dorchester Photographed
1014 Hardyes School WW1 Board Dorchester Photographed
1015 Hardyes School WW2 Board Dorchester Photographed
1016 Dorset County Council Staff Dorchester Photographed
1017 1st Battn Dorset Regt Indian Frontier Dorchester Photographed
1018 Dorsetshire Regt Dorchester Photographed
26673 St Marys Church Drimpton Photographed
26457 East Lulworth East Lulworth Photographed
925 East Stoke East Stoke Photographed
55223 Enmore Green and Sherborne Causeway Enmore Green Photographed
26674 St Osmunds Church Evershot Photographed
26675 J A Stephens and C T Stephens Evershot Photographed
26371 Ferndown Royal British Legion Ferndown Photographed
26676 St Lawrences Church Folke Photographed
26677 Lt G D Mayo Folke Photographed
26450 Fontmell Magna WW1 Memorial Tablet Fontmell Magna Photographed
26451 Fontmell Magna WW1 Roll of Honour Fontmell Magna Photographed
26452 2lt H O Springfield Fontmell Magna Photographed
1020 Fordington German Prisoners of War Fordington Photographed
1021 St Georges Fordington Fordington Photographed
48873 Foxholes Parishioners - 1915 Foxholes Photographed
48874 Foxholes Parishioners WW1 Foxholes Photographed
48875 L L Sampson and Tpr E H G Sampson Foxholes Photographed
48876 Branksome St Clements Lectern Foxholes Photographed
48877 Foxholes WW2 Foxholes Photographed
1031 Cpl P R Gale Frampton Photographed
11914 St Marys Church - WW1 Frampton Photographed
51599 Capt W F T Sheridan Frampton Photographed
26470 Lt R C Cross Memorial Chapel Gillingham Photographed
26471 St Mary The Virgin Congregation WW2 Board Gillingham Photographed
26480 Lt R L Cross Gillingham Photographed
26483 Gillingham Gillingham Photographed
26484 Gillingham Parish Rolls of Honour Gillingham Photographed
941 Glanvilles Wootton Glanvilles Wootton Photographed
53260 Goathill Roll of Honour WW1 Goathill Photographed
53261 Goathill Roll of Honour WW2 Goathill Photographed
26685 St Marys Church Halstock Photographed
65588 Hamworthy Hamworthy Photographed
48878 Support Squadron, Eastern Flank , Royal Marines Hamworthy Photographed
46469 R N and M C Davis Window Hazelbury Bryan Photographed
55215 Hazelbury Bryan Hazelbury Bryan Photographed
55217 St Mary and St James Church - WW1 and WW2 Book of Remembrance Hazelbury Bryan Photographed
955 St Mary and St James Church - WW1 and WW2 Altar Hazelbury Bryan Photographed
956 Neville Spurling Hazelbury Bryan Photographed
53262 Men of Hermitage WW1 Hermitage Photographed
54785 Lt Col W G Cameron and Lt G G Cameron Highcliffe Photographed
26380 Highcliffe Highcliffe Photographed
26399 Major C J Strange Ra Highcliffe Photographed
26401 Cornet Ricardo Highcliffe Photographed
26402 Lt Pardoe Highcliffe Photographed
26403 Cpl Hendy and Pte Frampton Highcliffe Photographed
60554 Lt G A Pardoe - Tablet Highcliffe Photographed
53263 Coffin and Squibb WW2 Hilfield Photographed
53264 Hilfield St Nicholas WW1 Hilfield Photographed
53265 Men of Holwell WW1 Holwell Photographed
26536 Iwerne Minster and Sutton Waldron Iwerne Minster Photographed
26537 Lt Col N C H MacDonald Moreton Iwerne Minster Photographed
26458 St Nicholas Parishioners - WW1 Kimmeridge Photographed
49125 Pilot C E Hight Kinson Photographed
26552 Langton Long Langton Long Blandford Photographed
26460 St Georges Parishioners Langton Matravers Photographed
26461 Old Malthouse Boys - WW1 Langton Matravers Photographed
26462 Old Malthouse Boys - WW2 Langton Matravers Photographed
26463 Lt S D K Rogers Langton Matravers Photographed
26464 Capt J A Dugdale Langton Matravers Photographed
26466 Durnford School Memorial Window - WW1 Langton Matravers Photographed
26468 Lt Peter Wolferston Rylands (Plaque) Langton Matravers Photographed
1060 Leigh Leigh Photographed
1061 Gnr W F Bates Leigh Photographed
1062 F W Fox Leigh Photographed
49009 Lilliput Lilliput Photographed
73 Little Bredy Cross Little Bredy Photographed
74 Nat Williams Little Bredy Photographed
1056 Litton Cheney Litton Cheney Photographed
26691 Loders Loders Photographed
1037 Long Bredy WW1 and WW2 Long Bredy Photographed
46893 D D Evans Long Bredy Photographed
1066 Longburton Longburton Photographed
1067 Longburton Longburton Photographed
1068 Holnest Longburton Photographed
55293 Lower Blandford St Mary WW1 and WW2 Lower Blandford St Mary Photographed
48751 Lyme Regis 20th Century Conflicts Clock Lyme Regis Photographed
26810 C C Sanders Lyme Regis Photographed
26811 Capt G H Bickley - Window Lyme Regis Photographed
26812 HMS Lyme Regis Bell and Ensign Lyme Regis Photographed
26813 2lt J Philpot Lyme Regis Photographed
1064 F Rendall Maiden Newton Photographed
1065 Lt W Barnes and Lt M Barnes Maiden Newton Photographed
933 Mappowder Mappowder Photographed
26705 Melbury Bubb Melbury Bubb Photographed
1043 Christchurch Pulpit Melplash Photographed
55297 Milborne St Andrew Milborne St Andrew Photographed
1077 Minterne Magna Minterne Magna Photographed
51577 St John The Baptist WW2 Lychgate Moordown Photographed
66526 Halifax JP 137 Moordown Photographed
75 Men of Moreton Moreton Photographed
26712 St Marys Church WW1 Plaque Mosterton Photographed
26714 St Marys Church Board WW1 Mosterton Photographed
55299 St Marys Church Motcombe Photographed
26647 Motcombe Motcombe Photographed
48314 V Sherring Mudeford Photographed
48315 2lt A S Hamilton Mudeford Photographed
48316 Mudeford- WW1 Mudeford Photographed
48317 Mudeford-WW2 Mudeford Photographed
26731 St Nicholas Church Nether Compton Photographed
26735 St Cuthberts Church Oborne Photographed
26736 2lt E J Waldegrave Oborne Photographed
26737 2lt E J Waldegrave Oborne Photographed
82 D Parry Jones Bus Shelter Osmington Photographed
26730 St Michaels Church Over Compton Photographed
99 St Michaels Parishioners Owermoigne Photographed
100 2lt A V Cree Owermoigne Photographed
56147 W C E Roper Piddlehinton Photographed
56148 Piddlehinton Roll of Honour - WW1 Piddlehinton Photographed
56149 C B C Swayne Piddlehinton Photographed
26744 Piddlehinton Piddlehinton Photographed
26746 All Saints Parishioners Piddletrenthide Photographed
26747 Capt G E G Pollard Piddletrenthide Photographed
26748 Piddletrenthide Memorial Hall Piddletrenthide Photographed
51255 Cpl A H Martin Pokesdown Photographed
51256 St James Church WW1 Pokesdown Photographed
51580 Pokesdown WW2 Pokesdown Photographed
26370 Falkland Square Poole Photographed
26372 Poole Park Poole Photographed
26374 St James Church WW1 Poole Photographed
26375 St Paul'S Church WW1 Poole Photographed
26376 St James Church WW2 Poole Photographed
26377 Poole School Cross Poole Photographed
48955 Earl Mountbatten Memorial Poole Photographed
48956 Poole Casualties of Conflict Poole Photographed
48957 Operation Overlord Poole Photographed
48958 Burma Star Association Dorset Branch Poole Photographed
48959 US Coastguard Rescue Flotilla 1 Poole Photographed
48960 US Coastguard Flag Poole Photographed
55424 All Saints Church Poole Photographed
55425 Lt H A Child CMG Poole Photographed
55426 2lt K G MCMillan Poole Photographed
48847 Borough of Poole Poole Photographed
89 Portland Portland Photographed
56200 HMS Sidon Portland Photographed
26540 Portland CWGC Cross Portland Photographed
996 B E Stone Portland Photographed
63972 Naval Service Portland Portland Photographed
63973 J F Mantle VC Portland Photographed
998 P B Wrigley Portland Photographed
26757 All Saints Parishioners - WW1 Poyntington Photographed
26758 Amiens Cathedral Angels Wing Poyntington Photographed
26541 Preston with Sutton Poyntz Preston Photographed
26542 Sgt H J J Guppy Dcm Preston Photographed
26772 St Marys Parishioners - WW1 Puddletown Photographed
26773 St Marys Parishioners - WW2 Puddletown Photographed
26774 Sgt E N Dorey Puddletown Photographed
1025 Puncknowle Puncknowle Photographed
26373 Mudeford, Stanpit and Purewell Purewell Photographed
56138 W P W Woodward Ryme Intrinseca Photographed
55678 Ryme Intrinseca Ryme Intrinseca Photographed
26727 Shaftesbury Shaftesbury Photographed
65814 Sherborne School - WW1 & WW2 Sherborne Photographed
65815 Sherborne School - WW1 and WW2 Books of Remembrance Sherborne Photographed
53287 Gnr E Case Sherborne Photographed
53288 Dorset Regiment 1939-45 Sherborne Photographed
53289 Maj L M Smith Sherborne Photographed
53290 Thankoffering WW1 Sherborne Photographed
53291 6 Service Battn Dorsetshire Regt Sherborne Photographed
53292 2 Batt Dorset Regt South Africa Sherborne Photographed
53296 Dorset Freemasons WW2 Sherborne Photographed
53297 Vc Winners Sherborne School Sherborne Photographed
53298 Lt Col L R Fisher Rowe Sherborne Photographed
53299 Capt H T Vizard MC Sherborne Photographed
53300 Capt G M Gordon Sherborne Photographed
53302 H G May Sherborne Photographed
53303 Lt A H Wildman Sherborne Photographed
53304 R E and F H Hodgson WW1 Sherborne Photographed
53305 Maj P R G Pearn Sherborne Photographed
53306 Lt J L Eyre Sherborne Photographed
53307 Lt R W Madden Sherborne Photographed
53308 Lt Col W H Baxter Sherborne Photographed
53309 Sherborne School WW2 Sherborne Photographed
53310 Lt Col L R Fisher-Rowe Sherborne Photographed
53311 2 Lt G H Fletcher Sherborne Photographed
53313 1 Battn Dorsetshire Regt 19c Sherborne Photographed
53316 Col P J Browne Cb Sherborne Photographed
53317 Dorset Queens Own Yeomanry WW1 Sherborne Photographed
53318 Dorsetshire Regt Screen WW1 Sherborne Photographed
53319 Lt Col W Phibbs Sherborne Photographed
56139 Sherborne Postmen Sherborne Photographed
26788 Sherborne Abbey Cross Sherborne Photographed
66537 Dorset Regiment War Widows Sherborne Photographed
66538 Cheap Street Methodist Church Sherborne Photographed
66539 Cheap Street Methodist Church -WW2 Board Sherborne Photographed
66540 Sherborne Congregational Church - WW1 Sherborne Photographed
26666 Shillingstone Memorial Cross Shillingstone Photographed
26667 Shillingstone WW1 Roll of Honour Shillingstone Photographed
26668 Shillingstone WW2 Memorial Tablet Shillingstone Photographed
26752 Shipton Gorge Shipton Gorge Photographed
26754 St Marys Church WW1 South Perrott Photographed
26756 St Marys Church WW2 South Perrott Photographed
51257 St Katharines Church WW1 Southbourne Photographed
51261 Pembroke Lodge School WW1 Southbourne Photographed
55321 Spetisbury Spetisbury Photographed
26486 St Michaels Parishioners - WW1 Steeple Photographed
1107 Stinsford Stinsford Photographed
1108 Stinsford Stinsford Photographed
26692 Stourpaine WW1, WW2 Memorial Cross Stourpaine Photographed
55435 Holy Trinity Church Stourpaine Photographed
1079 Stratton Stratton Photographed
1080 P P and C A W Pope Stratton Photographed
1081 E A Pope and A R Haig Brown Stratton Photographed
56141 Stratton Cum Grimstone Roll of Honour - WW1 Stratton Photographed
56145 Stratton and Grimstone Roll of Honour - WW2 Stratton Photographed
26487 St Nicholas Parishioners Studland Photographed
26488 Lt G T Thomasett Studland Photographed
26489 Lt A R MacLeod Studland Photographed
26490 Capt W B Algeo MC Studland Photographed
26710 Sturminster Newton WW1, WW2 Recreation Ground Sturminster Newton Photographed
56194 Sturminster Newton - Board Sturminster Newton Photographed
56195 Sturminster Newton - Roll of Honour Sturminster Newton Photographed
56197 Warrior Memorial Chapel Sturminster Newton Photographed
56198 2lt J M Mansel-Pleydell Sturminster Newton Photographed
26711 St Bartholomews Parishioners - WW1 Sutton Waldren Photographed
26493 Cpo Ernest Pitcher VC Rn Swanage Photographed
48796 Swanage Bay Naval Battle Swanage Photographed
1029 Swyre Swyre Photographed
26765 Symondsbury WW1 Memorial Cross Symondsbury Photographed
26766 Symondsbury WW1 Roll of Honour Symondsbury Photographed
26473 St Marks Church WW1 Talbot Village Photographed
26728 Tarrant Keynston Tarrant Keynston Photographed
1092 Thornford Cross Thornford Photographed
1093 Thornford Street Lighting Thornford Photographed
26800 Trent Parish Memorial Tablet Trent Photographed
48836 Tyneham Parishioners Tyneham Photographed
56202 Upwey Parish Upwey Photographed
56204 St Laurence Church WW2 Upwey Photographed
53184 Sgt F C Riggs VC Wallisdown Photographed
26512 St Marys CWGC Cross Wareham Photographed
924 Wareham Wareham Photographed
66524 Operation Overlord Wareham Photographed
48408 Holy Trinity Church Warmwell Photographed
1038 West Bay West Bay Photographed
26762 A F Quenell and S R Quenell West Chelborough Photographed
1074 West Knighton West Knighton Photographed
1075 Lt W P Cockerham West Knighton Photographed
928 West Lulworth West Lulworth Photographed
26528 L/cpl J Beare West Lulworth Photographed
1026 West Stafford West Stafford Photographed
1027 2lt R St John Corbett Winder West Stafford Photographed
48415 Weymouth American Memorial Weymouth Photographed
56207 Weymouth Royal British Legion Weymouth Photographed
26545 HMS Hood Memorial Weymouth
957 Jack Mantle VC Weymouth Photographed
970 Weymouth Cenotaph Weymouth Photographed
971 C W Burt Weymouth Photographed
973 C B Lancaster Weymouth Photographed
981 Maj J F Fisher Weymouth Photographed
982 Holy Trinity Cross Weymouth Photographed
983 Melcombe Regis Cemetery Weymouth Photographed
984 Weymouth Cemetery Weymouth Photographed
985 Weymouth Crematorium Weymouth Photographed
986 J M Powell Weymouth Photographed
987 St Johns Church Organ Weymouth Photographed
989 St Pauls Church - WW1 Cross Weymouth Photographed
990 Groves Brothers Thanksgiving Weymouth Photographed
991 Maj F G G Thoyts Weymouth Photographed
992 St Pauls Church - WW1 Panelling Weymouth Photographed
993 E V Iremonger Weymouth Photographed
26768 Whitechurch and St Gabriels Whitchurch Canonicorum Photographed
26678 Wimborne Minster Cross Wimborne Photographed
26679 Wimborne Minster Parishioners - WW1 Wimborne Photographed
26680 Wimborne Minster Parishioners - WW2 Wimborne Photographed
26681 Cornet W G H Bankes VC Wimborne Photographed
922 East Burton and Newburgh Winfrith Winfrith Newburgh Photographed
48795 St Christophers Parishioners Winfrith Newburgh Photographed
78 Winterbourne Abbas Winterbourne Abbas Photographed
26786 Lt The Hon G S Dawson Damer Plaque Winterbourne Came Photographed
26787 2lt The Hon G S Dawson Winterbourne Came Photographed
944 Winterborne Kingston Winterbourne Kingston Photographed
1101 Winterbourne St Martin Winterbourne St Martin Photographed
1103 W G Hawkins Winterbourne St Martin Photographed
26817 St Martins Church WW1 Winterbourne St Martin Photographed
26818 St Martins Church WW2 Winterbourne St Martin Photographed
953 Winterborne Whitechurch Winterbourne Whitechurch Photographed
56144 Woodsford Roll of Honour Woodsford Photographed
98 Woodsford Woodsford Photographed
921 Dorset Constabulary Wool Photographed
929 Wool Wool Photographed
930 Wool Royal British Legion Wool Photographed
26792 Wootton Fitzpaine Parishioners - WW1 Wootton Fitzpaine Photographed
26793 Wootton Fitzpaine Parishioners - WW2 Wootton Fitzpaine Photographed
26795 Ptes F and C White Wootton Fitzpaine Photographed
1050 Wraxall Wraxall Photographed
960 Wyke Regis Wyke Regis Photographed
962 Cpl H K De Warenne Harvey Dcm and 2lt R De Warenne Harvey Wyke Regis Photographed
963 2lt R W Talbot Cox Wyke Regis Photographed
964 2lt J E Bull Wyke Regis Photographed
965 2lt A A J Warner and 2lt C W Warner Wyke Regis Photographed
966 Maj C T Warner Obe Wyke Regis Photographed
26799 Yetminster WW2 Thanksgiving Yetminster Photographed

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