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Isle of Wight

IWM ID Title Town
21701 Arreton Arreton Photographed
21702 Burma Star Association Window Arreton Photographed
21705 Capt C S Pittis Arreton Photographed
21707 Ashey Ashey Photographed
68264 41 Royal Marine Commando Bembridge Photographed
21708 Bembridge Bembridge Photographed
21709 Holy Trinity Parishioners Bembridge Photographed
21711 Capt A C Denison Bembridge Photographed
21712 Capt N C H M Moreton Bembridge Photographed
21714 Holy Cross Parishioners Binstead Photographed
21715 Binstead Binstead Photographed
40869 Whitecroft Hospital Staff WW1 Blackwater Photographed
22028 Brading Roll of Honour Brading Photographed
40744 Capt G Fardell MC Brading Photographed
21720 Brading Brading Photographed
21722 Brighstone Brighstone Photographed
21723 Brighstone Roll of Honour (WW1) Brighstone Photographed
21724 Ab H Hollis Brighstone Photographed
21725 Pte J L Wilkins Brighstone Photographed
21727 Lt G A Cairns VC Brighstone Photographed
21735 Col B Heygate Brighstone Photographed
21730 Calbourne Calbourne Photographed
21731 Pte R M Harvey Calbourne Photographed
49629 Calbourne Military Museum - Second Boer War Calbourne Mill Photographed
40706 Burma Star Association - Isle of Wight (Missing) Carisbrooke
40714 Col Sir F Fortescue Carisbrooke Photographed
40715 Col W H Dennie Carisbrooke Photographed
40770 Newport County Secondary School WW1 Carisbrooke Photographed
40771 Newport County Secondary School WW2 Carisbrooke Photographed
20625 Isle of Wight Rifles (Gallipoli) Carisbrooke Photographed
60353 Sir E Woodville, D Cheke and The Men of The Isle of Wight Carisbrooke Photographed
60354 Col Hrh Prince H M of Battenburg Kg Carisbrooke Photographed
21732 Isle of Wight County War Memorial Carisbrooke Photographed
21733 Isle of Wight Old Contemptibles Carisbrooke Photographed
21734 Princes Leopold and Maurice Carisbrooke Photographed
21737 Carisbrooke Carisbrooke Photographed
21738 Lt Col H A Vallings Carisbrooke Photographed
21739 Rfn S J Fisk Carisbrooke Photographed
63991 Unknown Soldiers Gallipoli Campaign Carisbrooke Photographed
20687 Chale Chale Photographed
21747 St Andrews Tryptych (WW1) Chale Photographed
21748 Maj H F H Strugnell Chale Photographed
21749 Lt W M Heald Ramc Chale Photographed
21751 T Company 40 Royal Marines Commando Chale Photographed
40746 Cpl E T Salter Compton Chine Photographed
21774 St Marys Parishioners WW1 Cowes Photographed
21775 Ratsey Brothers Cowes Photographed
40725 Cowes Foresters WW1 Cowes Photographed
21783 Free French Submarine Chaser Cowes Photographed
40727 Sgt O Westbrook Cowes Photographed
21784 Polish Destroyer Blyskawica (Plaque 1) Cowes Photographed
40728 A F Richardson and T E Richardson Cowes Photographed
21785 Polish Destroyer Blyskawica (Plaque 2) Cowes Photographed
21790 HMS Abdiel Memorial Cowes Photographed
67641 Polish Destroyer Blyskawica (Plaque 3) Cowes Photographed
67643 Captain W Francki Cowes Photographed
40775 Cowes Air Raids WW2 Cowes Photographed
21795 East Cowes East Cowes Photographed
21796 East Cowes Arp Memorial East Cowes Photographed
21798 Alice Frances Hann East Cowes
21805 Propellor of HMS Cavalier East Cowes Photographed
40749 Freshwater Freshwater Photographed
40750 5th Hampshire Howitzer Battery - WW1 Freshwater Photographed
40756 Capt A A Tennyson and Sub Lt H C Tennyson Freshwater Photographed
68260 F. Bygott Freshwater Photographed
40767 Isle of Wight Rugby Club - WW2 Gatcombe Photographed
40768 Capt C G Seely Gatcombe Photographed
40800 Gnr J Cawte Godshill Photographed
40732 Northwood - WW1 Gurnard Photographed
49632 Gurnard - WW2 Gurnard Photographed
40733 2lt R T C Willis Fleming and Those From Binstead and Havenstreet Haven Street Photographed
40734 Maj E W Leach DFC Haven Street Photographed
21807 Lake Lake Photographed
21808 Lake Lake Photographed
40803 Church of The Good Shepherd - WW1 Choristers Window Lake Photographed
40805 Church of The Good Shepherd Parishioners - WW1 Window Lake Photographed
40810 Lt J E G Brown and Lt A C G Brown Mottistone Photographed
40811 Capt E W Bury and H S E Bury Mottistone Photographed
40812 Maj G C H Wykeham Mottistone Photographed
21728 Brook and Mottistone Mottistone Photographed
40815 Newchurch Newchurch Photographed
67853 National Provincial & Union Bank Newport Photographed
40735 Isle of Wight County Council Staff WW2 Newport Photographed
40737 Dunkirk Small Ships Newport Photographed
40739 5th Hants Howitzers Newport Photographed
40740 Isle of Wight Rifles Newport Photographed
40741 Loyal Earl Yarborough Lodge of Oddfellows Newport Photographed
40742 Isle of Wight District Manchester Unity of Oddfellows Newport Photographed
40743 Loyal Earl of Yarborough Lodge of Oddfellows WW2 Newport Photographed
40752 Newport Corporation and Newport Gas Undertaking Employees Newport Photographed
21809 Newport Newport Photographed
67638 Salvation Army Ryde Corps (Missing) Newport
40762 Newport Church of England School WW2 Newport Photographed
40764 Newport Grammar School WW1 and WW2 Newport Photographed
40774 Earl Mountbatten of Burma Bust Newport Newport Photographed
65179 HMS Onslaught - Warship Week Newport Photographed
40817 Maj H G Gibson Newtown Photographed
21812 Niton Niton Photographed
21813 Robson Cameron Forster Niton Photographed
40819 Niton Niton Photographed
55700 Northwood - WW1 Northwood Photographed
55447 Northwood - WW2 Northwood Photographed
40799 Hm Prison Camp Hill Prison Officers WW1 Parkhurst Photographed
21814 Porchfield and District Porchfield Photographed
67633 Crusaders' Union WW2 Ryde Photographed
67636 Crusaders' Union Westbrook House Ryde Photographed
40813 All Saints Church Cross Ryde Photographed
40814 All Saints Church WW1 Ryde Photographed
40818 Ryde Post Office Ryde Photographed
40822 St Johns Church WW1 Ryde Photographed
40823 Cdr D M Forsyth Ryde Photographed
40824 Capt G C S MacLeod Ryde Photographed
40825 Lcpl J E Tuckwell Ryde Photographed
40826 Stoker A P Orchard Ryde Photographed
40828 Lt Gen The Right Hon S J Lord Calthorpe KCB Ryde Photographed
40829 Adm of Fleet Sir A G Calthrope Gcb Gcmg Cvo Ryde Photographed
40830 Gnr R M Wheeler Ryde Photographed
40838 Holy Trinity Church Chapel WW1 (Redundent) Ryde Photographed
40840 Lt Cdr P Eddis Ryde Photographed
40849 Royal George 1782 Ryde Photographed
40851 United States Coast Guard D Day Ryde Photographed
40852 Ryde and Neighbourhood South Africa War Ryde Photographed
40853 Borough and District of Ryde - WW1 Ryde Photographed
40854 Borough of Ryde - WW2 Ryde Photographed
40856 41 Royal Marines Commando Ryde Photographed
61412 Borough and District of Ryde - Post WW2 Ryde Photographed
60159 Royal George 1782 Ryde Photographed
21826 Sandown Sandown Photographed
40841 Old Sandonians - WW1 Sandown Photographed
68257 Combined Forces Normandy Campaign - WW2 Sandown Photographed
67587 L C Watson & A P Watson Seaview Photographed
67715 Operation Overlord Seaview Photographed
40858 St Peters Church WW1 and WW2 Seaview Photographed
40859 St Peters Church Triptych WW1 and WW2 Seaview Photographed
40860 G D A Black Seaview Photographed
40861 D W Greenham Seaview Photographed
40862 Lt N A M Ring Seaview Photographed
40863 S J and H J Snowden Seaview Photographed
21827 St Michael The Archangel - WW1 (Window) Shalfleet Photographed
21828 Lt Alistair Kindersley Rn Shalfleet Photographed
21830 Lt D C Cunningham Shalfleet Photographed
21841 Lt A J Harvey Mm Shalfleet Photographed
40844 Lt A J Harvey Mm Shalfleet Photographed
40845 Lt T Cole Rn Shalfleet Photographed
21850 Shanklin Shanklin Photographed
29851 Shorwell and Kingston - WW2 Shorwell Photographed
40888 Shorwell and Kingston - WW1 Shorwell Photographed
40889 St Peters Church - WW1 - Roll of Honour Shorwell Photographed
40890 Maj M L Goldie and A L Goldie Shorwell Photographed
21846 St Helens St Helens Photographed
64204 S W Caws St Helens Photographed
64207 Maj W A S Edwards St Helens Photographed
64208 Lt R W P Palmer St Helens Photographed
64210 C C A Way St Helens Photographed
40892 St Swithins Church WW1 Thorley Photographed
40894 Totland - WW1 and WW2 Totland Photographed
40897 Christ Church WW1 Totland Photographed
40899 HMS Thunderer Totland Photographed
40900 Maj A B Aitken MC Totland Photographed
40901 M Brewer Totland Photographed
40902 Lt F A Burnett Totland Photographed
62351 Whippingham - WW1 Roll of Honour Whippingham Photographed
62352 Whippingham - WW2 Roll of Honour Whippingham Photographed
40871 Whippingham Parish Whippingham Photographed
40872 Capt G P Sheddon Whippingham Photographed
40873 Hessian Soldiers of The Prinz Carl Lossberg and Gendarmes Regts Whippingham Photographed
40875 Maj A W Harris Whippingham Photographed
11524 Whitwell Whitwell Photographed
21878 St Mary and St Rhadegunde Church WW1 Chancel Screen Whitwell Photographed
21879 Lt F R Elderton Whitwell Photographed
21880 Capt B Ussher Whitwell Photographed
21881 Capt N E Howell Whitwell Photographed
21882 Capt S Ussher Whitwell Photographed
21883 Lt G S Morse Whitwell Photographed
21888 Wootton and District Wootton Photographed
21901 St James Church Calvary Yarmouth Photographed
21902 Yarmouth Town Hall Yarmouth Photographed
21909 William Joseph Squire Yarmouth Photographed
21910 Maj C B L Dashwood Yarmouth Photographed
40914 Auxiliary Territorial Service WW2 Yarmouth Photographed

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