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IWM ID Title Town
66120 D R Mitchell Alford Photographed
24745 St Andrews Church Aller Photographed
24749 Ansford Ansford Photographed
24750 St Andrews Church Tablets Ansford Photographed
1348 Ash - WW2 Hall Ash Photographed
1349 Holy Trinity Church Tower Ash Photographed
24751 L T Bush Ash Photographed
24878 Ashcott Ashcott Photographed
30129 H J Mears Ashcott Photographed
24756 Blessed Virgin Church Ashill Photographed
24757 C Cox Ashington Photographed
24381 Axbridge Axbridge Photographed
24396 Lt R H Verry Axbridge Photographed
24397 2lt V A C Leche Axbridge Photographed
24383 Badgeworth WW1 Roll of Honour Badgworth Photographed
1350 Badgworth Badgworth Photographed
24379 Baltonsborough Cross Baltonsborough Photographed
24380 Men of Baltonsborough - Shell Case WW1 Baltonsborough Photographed
24762 St Mary's Church Barrington Photographed
60446 Barton St David - WW2 Barton St David Photographed
60447 Barton St David Barton St David Photographed
57931 Barton St David School Barton St David Photographed
24774 Barton St David - WW1 Roll of Honour Barton St David Photographed
30130 Roll of Honour Bawdrip Photographed
30145 St Michael and All Angels Church WW1 Bawdrip Photographed
30147 W H F Warren DSO Bawdrip Photographed
24387 Beckington - WW1 Beckington Photographed
24388 R E Porch Beckington Photographed
24389 A H Ross and G K Webber and The Men of Beckington Beckington Photographed
24390 Beckington - WW2 Beckington Photographed
24391 T G Evans Beckington Photographed
24392 Spr Gee Beckington Photographed
24393 Pte V A Nicholas Beckington Photographed
24394 Sgt O J Viner Beckington Photographed
24395 K MCCarthy Beckington Photographed
24775 Sub Lt P A J Hegarty Beer Crocombe Photographed
24875 Berrow WW1 Memorial Window Berrow Photographed
24876 2lt E W Armstrong Berrow Photographed
24877 Berrow Parish WW2 Berrow Photographed
30153 Berrow Parishioners Berrow Photographed
24406 Gordon Family Bicknoller Photographed
24407 Bicknoller WW2 Anniversary Flagpole Bicknoller
24408 St Georges Parishioners Bicknoller Photographed
24409 Bilbrook and Washford Bilbrook Photographed
24808 Bishops Hull Bishops Hull Photographed
24809 2lt J G Merdon and Lt S N Hillier Bishops Hull Photographed
24894 Bishops Lydeard Bishops Lydeard Photographed
24895 St Mary The Virgin Parishioners - WW1 Bishops Lydeard Photographed
24896 H F Boles and Men of Bishops Lydeard - WW1 Window Bishops Lydeard Photographed
24897 A W Winter Bishops Lydeard Photographed
24898 2lt E H Skinner Bishops Lydeard Photographed
24899 Dunkirk Memorial House Bishops Lydeard Photographed
24402 Holy Trinity - WW1 Blackford Photographed
24403 Holy Trinity WW2 Plaque Blackford Photographed
24404 Smith Family Memorial Sanctuary Blackford Photographed
24905 Bradford On Tone Bradford On Tone Photographed
24906 Lt F Hilton-Green Bradford On Tone Photographed
30169 Stone of Remembrance Brean Photographed
30170 Brean Brean Photographed
1338 St Michaels Church - WW2 Brent Knoll Photographed
30176 Capt G B Northcote Brent Knoll Photographed
30184 Brent Knoll Brent Knoll Photographed
30188 Brent Knoll Parish WW1 Roll of Honour Brent Knoll Photographed
30307 Robert Blake - Font Bridgwater Photographed
1396 Bridgwater Bridgwater Photographed
57772 Burma - Bridgwater Branch Burma Star Bridgwater Photographed
30128 St Marys Church - WW1 Bridgwater Photographed
30187 Adm Blake Bridgwater Photographed
24982 Broadway Parish Church Broadway Photographed
24783 Broadway Broadway Photographed
24410 Brompton Ralph Brompton Ralph Photographed
24411 Lt F C Stephens Brompton Regis Photographed
24412 St Mary The Virgin Brompton Regis Photographed
30023 Broomfield Broomfield Photographed
7509 St Mary and All Saints Parishioners - WW1 Broomfield Photographed
7510 Capt J Hamilton Broomfield Photographed
24801 Buckland St Mary Buckland St Mary Photographed
24802 Lt Gen Sir F Lance Buckland St Mary Photographed
1343 Burnham On Sea Burnham On Sea Photographed
30325 Methodist Church WW1 Roll of Honour Burnham On Sea Photographed
30327 Burnham Methodists Burnham On Sea Photographed
30328 Memorial Hospital Burnham On Sea Photographed
32151 Hospital Window Burnham On Sea Photographed
46312 Maj C S Akerman Burnham On Sea Photographed
46313 Lt Col J H Paine DSO Burnham On Sea Photographed
46314 E B Board Burnham On Sea Photographed
46315 Mid C W Holt Burnham On Sea Photographed
24910 Burrow Mump Burrowbridge Photographed
24874 Burtle - WW2 Burtle Photographed
24431 Butleigh Butleigh Photographed
24432 St Leonards Church WW1 Butleigh Photographed
24433 2lt C L Cornish Butleigh Photographed
25034 Capt Alexander Hood Butleigh Photographed
1432 Cannington Cannington Photographed
46316 W C Martin Cannington Photographed
46317 St Mary The Virgin Church - WW1 Cannington Photographed
46318 St Mary The Virgin Parishioners - WW2 Cannington Photographed
46319 Cannington and Industrial School - WW1 Served Cannington Photographed
24413 Tom Baker Carhampton Photographed
24414 Carhampton Men - WW1 Carhampton Photographed
24415 2lt W E Tyler Carhampton Photographed
24416 Carhampton Men - WW2 Carhampton Photographed
1336 Castle Cary Castle Cary Photographed
24810 All Saints Church Castle Cary Photographed
24722 Catcott Catcott Photographed
46320 St Peters Parishioners - WW2 Catcott Photographed
24911 Chaffcombe Chaffcombe Photographed
30338 Allerton WW1 Window Chapel Allerton Photographed
30341 Allerton Roll of Honour - WW1 Chapel Allerton Photographed
65253 HMS Campion - Warship Week Chard Photographed
24824 St Marys Church Window Chard Photographed
24825 St Marys Church Cross Chard Photographed
24826 Pte S Vickery VC Chard Photographed
24830 St Peter and St Paul Church Clock Charlton Adam Photographed
24835 St Mary The Virgin Church Board Charlton Mackrell Photographed
24828 Charlton Adam and Charlton Mackrell Charlton Mackrell Photographed
46321 Charlynch Church - WW2 Charlynch Photographed
1403 Cheddar Cheddar Photographed
24723 St Andrews Church - Cross Cheddar Photographed
24724 St Andrews WW1 Memorial Board Cheddar Photographed
53879 Sydney Mason Collins (Stolen) Chedzoy
30346 Pte E A Chappell Chedzoy Photographed
30347 St Mary Parishioners WW1 Window Chedzoy Photographed
30348 St Marys Parishioners - WW2 Tablet Chedzoy Photographed
24377 St Marys Church Plaque WW1 Chesterblade Photographed
24434 St Mary Magdalene Church WW1 Chewton Mendip Photographed
24435 St Mary Magdalene Church WW2 Chewton Mendip Photographed
24436 Viscount W F Chewton Chewton Mendip Photographed
24437 M C N R Young Chewton Mendip Photographed
24438 St Mary Magdalene Church Chewton Mendip Photographed
24439 W S Braham Chewton Mendip Photographed
1354 Chilcompton Chilcompton Photographed
24855 St James Church Chillington Photographed
46322 St Edwards Parishioners - WW1 Chilton Polden Photographed
46323 St Edwards Church - WW2 Chilton Polden Photographed
24918 All Saints Parishiners - WW1 Chipstable Photographed
24857 St Peter and St Paul Church WW2 Chisleborough Photographed
1360 St Peter and St Paul Church WW1 Chisleborough Photographed
24920 Churchingford and Churchstanton Churchstanton Photographed
24558 Clapton Clapton Photographed
24424 St Marys Parishioners - WW1 Clatworthy Photographed
24922 Men of Combe Florey Combe Florey Photographed
24923 Lt J E Hyland Combe Florey Photographed
24858 St Nicholas Church Board WW1 Combe St Nicholas Photographed
24859 St Nicholas Church Photographs WW1 Combe St Nicholas Photographed
24860 Lt M J Bethell and Capt E W Bethell Combe St Nicholas Photographed
24861 St Nicholas Church Board WW2 Combe St Nicholas Photographed
24862 E R Zealley Combe St Nicholas Photographed
46333 St Peters Parishioners - WW1 Combwich Photographed
46335 St Peters Parishioners - WW1 Combwich Photographed
24732 Compton Bishop Parish WW1 and WW2 Compton Bishop Photographed
24733 2lt V A C Leche Compton Bishop Photographed
24734 St Andrews Church WW1 Compton Bishop Photographed
30541 St Andrews WW1 Plaque Compton Dundon Photographed
30542 St Andrews WW2 Board Compton Dundon Photographed
24866 Compton Pauncefoot WW1 and WW2 Compton Pauncefoot Photographed
24867 Fs W M Mason Compton Pauncefoot Photographed
24929 Corfe Corfe Photographed
24868 St Andrews Church Corton Denham Photographed
24892 Muriel Wason Cossington Photographed
24893 Lt G R Graham Cossington Photographed
24902 Altar Cross Cossington Photographed
1371 Cossington Village Hall Cossington Photographed
24735 Cossington Memorial Tablet Cossington Photographed
24930 St Thomas of Canterbury Parishioners - WW1 Cothelstone Photographed
24931 Capt A J Esdaile Cothelstone Photographed
24932 Mid F S D Esdaile Cothelstone Photographed
24695 West Cranmore Parishioners Cranmore Photographed
24696 Capt H M Spencer Cranmore Photographed
24564 Cranmore Memorial Hall Cranmore Photographed
24565 Lt H H Spencer Cranmore Photographed
24566 L/cpl A C P Witcombe Cranmore Photographed
24940 Creech St Michael Creech St Michael Photographed
58401 Crewkerne - WW1, WW2 and Post 1945 Crewkerne Photographed
24880 L/cpl F G Coombes Crewkerne Photographed
24881 Christ Church Choir Members WW1 Crewkerne Photographed
24882 St Barthomews Church WW1 Crewkerne Photographed
24884 St Bartholmews Church Cross Crewkerne Photographed
1335 St Bartholmews Church South African War Crewkerne Photographed
24813 A M Brown Cricket Malherbie Photographed
54588 Croscombe - WW1 Croscombe Photographed
24570 St Mary The Virgin Church - WW1 Croscombe Photographed
24571 St Mary The Virgin Church - WW2 Croscombe Photographed
24427 Crowcombe Crowcombe Photographed
24428 Holy Ghost Parishioners - WW1 and WW2 Crowcombe Photographed
24430 Holy Ghost Parishioners - WW2 Crowcombe Photographed
24900 St James Church WW1 Curry Mallet Photographed
24901 St James Church WW2 Curry Mallet Photographed
24903 Curry Rivel Curry Rivel Photographed
24904 St Andrews Church Curry Rivel Photographed
24908 St Mary The Virgin Church WW1 Donyatt Photographed
24909 St Mary The Virgin Church WW2 Donyatt Photographed
24583 St Aldhelms Church Doulting Photographed
24584 Capt R V Clark Doulting Photographed
24912 St Andrews Church Dowlish Wake Photographed
24913 Lt J Huddy, 2lt E Huddy and Fl Lt C Huddy Dowlish Wake Photographed
24914 Speke Family Dowlish Wake Photographed
24915 E Speke Dowlish Wake Photographed
24916 F C Board Dowlish Wake Photographed
24925 St Catherines Church Drayton Photographed
24926 Drayton Drayton Photographed
24534 Tpr C B Simpson Dulverton Photographed
24535 All Saints Parishioners - WW1 Dulverton Photographed
24536 All Saints Book of Remembrance - WW1 Dulverton Photographed
24537 Lt St B Sydenham Dulverton Photographed
24538 Maj R H Collyns MC Dulverton Photographed
24539 Ensign of HMS Dulverton Dulverton Photographed
1424 Dunster Hall Dunster Photographed
24549 Henry James Patteson Strong Dunster Photographed
24550 St George's Parishioners WW1 Dunster Photographed
24551 St Georges Parishioners - WW2 Roll of Honour Dunster Photographed
24553 Lt Col A Bryant DSO Dunster Photographed
24554 Col W J Norman MC Dunster Photographed
24737 East Brent East Brent Photographed
30392 East Brent Parishioners East Brent Photographed
46367 East Chinnock WW1 Roll of Honour East Chinnock Photographed
46368 East Chinnock WW2 Roll of Honour East Chinnock Photographed
24933 St Mary The Virgin Church WW1 East Chinnock Photographed
24934 St Mary The Virgin Church WW1 East Chinnock Photographed
24937 St Michaels Church East Coker Photographed
24938 E T Pulman East Coker Photographed
24939 R Squibb East Coker Photographed
30394 F Moon East Huntspill Photographed
30395 50th Anniversary Window East Huntspill Photographed
30396 All Saints Church WW2 East Huntspill Photographed
30397 All Saints Church WW1 East Huntspill Photographed
30168 East Huntspill East Huntspill Photographed
46336 St Bartholomews Parishioners East Lyng Photographed
46337 B J Turner East Lyng Photographed
46338 Cpl F A Hembrow East Lyng Photographed
24585 All Saints Church East Pennard Photographed
24586 M A Napier East Pennard Photographed
24587 C R Avery East Pennard Photographed
46339 Men of Edington - WW1 Edington Photographed
46340 St Georges Parishioners - WW2 Edington Photographed
46343 St Michaels Parishioners - WW1 Enmore Photographed
46344 T H N Evered Enmore Photographed
24591 St Peters Church WW1 Evercreech Photographed
24592 St Peters Church WW2 Evercreech Photographed
66184 Evercreech Evercreech Photographed
24753 Maj M J Greig and R M Greig Exford Photographed
24754 Men of Exford - WW1 Exford Photographed
24755 Men of Exford - WW2 Exford Photographed
24569 Exford Memorial Hall Exford Photographed
24577 Lt R V Warren Exton Photographed
24572 Exton Parishioners WW1 Exton Photographed
24573 Lt J G Everard and Capt C P Everard Exton Photographed
24574 Capt C H Thomas Exton Photographed
24575 Maj C R Thomas Exton Photographed
24945 St James Parishioners - WW1 Fitzhead Photographed
1406 Fivehead Fivehead Photographed
46341 Trinity Church - WW1 and WW2 Frome Photographed
46342 Memorial Theatre Frome Photographed
1368 St Johns Church Frome Photographed
1369 Frome Frome
46325 J W Singer - Soldier of The Great War Frome Photographed
46330 St Johns Church Frome Photographed
24851 Maj E Barker Glastonbury Photographed
30820 Roll of Honour Glastonbury Photographed
30821 St Georges Chapel Screen Glastonbury Photographed
30822 Men of Glastonbury Glastonbury Photographed
1408 Glastonbury Cross Glastonbury Photographed
24788 St Johns Parishioners - WW1 Glastonbury Photographed
24789 St Johns Church Burma Star Association Glastonbury Photographed
46348 St Edwards Ve and Vj Day Bench Goathurst Photographed
24738 A V Scott Goathurst Photographed
24598 Guerney Slade Memorial Hall Guerney Slade Photographed
66114 WW2 Roll of Honour Halse Photographed
66115 WW1 Roll of Honour Halse Photographed
66116 N E Bowering Halse Photographed
24947 Halse Halse Photographed
24948 Lt N Montgomery and Lt Col H F Montgomery Halse Photographed
24946 Hambridge Hambridge Photographed
24957 St Michael and All Angels Church Haselbury Plucknett Photographed
24968 Hatch Beauchamp Hatch Beauchamp Photographed
24969 Capt C A Nichol Hatch Beauchamp Photographed
24974 Spurway Memorial Heathfield Photographed
24975 Lt A P Spurway Heathfield Photographed
24976 St John The Baptist Parishioners - WW1 Heathfield Photographed
24958 Henstridge Henstridge Photographed
24959 Henstridge Congregational Chapel Henstridge Photographed
30545 Roll of Honour High Ham Photographed
30546 Cpl J R V Mead and Gnr T C D Mead High Ham Photographed
30547 High Ham Parish - WW1 Tablet High Ham Photographed
30548 Parish of High Ham - WW1 Cross High Ham Photographed
1400 Highbridge Highbridge Photographed
24739 Somerset and Dorset Joint Railway - WW1 Highbridge Photographed
24740 Highbridge WW2 Garden of Remembrance Highbridge Photographed
24741 Americans In Highbridge and Burnham On Sea WW2 (Stolen) Highbridge
30398 Maj F Foley Highbridge Photographed
30399 Lt Douglas Hobart Highbridge Photographed
24972 Heathfield, Hillfarrance and Oake - WW1 Hillfarrance Photographed
24973 Oake and Hillfarrance - Electric Light Hillfarrance Photographed
1381 Holcombe Holcombe Photographed
24604 St Marys Parishioners - WW1 Holford Photographed
24605 St Peters Parishioners - WW1 Huish Champflower Photographed
24607 Sub Lt T S Guppy Huish Champflower Photographed
24609 St Peters Parishioners - WW2 Huish Champflower Photographed
24992 Huish Episcopi Huish Episcopi Photographed
24993 Sgt R P Slade and Pte S C Slade Huish Episcopi Photographed
46382 St Peter and All Hallows Parishioners - WW1 Huntspill Photographed
46384 C and B Holley Huntspill Photographed
46385 O F Lumber Huntspill Photographed
1433 Huntspill Huntspill Photographed
1434 St Peter Parishioners WW2 Huntspill Photographed
1410 Ilchester Ilchester Photographed
65595 Swanmead Community School Ilminster Photographed
24997 St Marys Church Ilminster Photographed
24998 St Marys Church Tablet WW1 Ilminster Photographed
24999 Ilminster Grammar School WW1 Ilminster Photographed
25000 St Marys Church Tablet WW2 Ilminster Photographed
25001 Ilminster Grammar School WW2 Ilminster Photographed
64205 HMS Ready - Warship Week Admiralty Plaque Ilminster Photographed
64206 HMS Ready - Warship Week Ilminster Photographed
64209 Salute The Soldier Week 1944 Ilminster Photographed
1355 Ilton Memorial Hall Ilton Photographed
25005 St Mary The Virgin Church Isle Abbott Photographed
24996 All Saints Church Isle Brewers Photographed
25012 St Marys Church Keinton Mandeville Photographed
30839 W Talbot and E Gillett Kingsbury Episcopi Photographed
30841 T G Pocock Kingsbury Episcopi Photographed
25017 St Martins Church Tablet Kingsbury Episcopi Photographed
25018 F J Perrin Kingsbury Episcopi Photographed
25019 Kingsbury Episcopi WW1 and WW2 Kingsbury Episcopi Photographed
25020 All Saints Church WW1 Kingsdon Photographed
25021 All Saints Church WW2 Kingsdon Photographed
24985 Kingston St Mary Kingston St Mary Photographed
24987 Gen Sir F E Chapman Kingston St Mary Photographed
24988 Lt Gen R Chapman Kingston St Mary Photographed
24989 Lt Gen Sir S R Chapman Cb Kch Kingston St Mary Photographed
24990 Capt S H Paget Kingston St Mary Photographed
24991 Lt Col R D Gairdner Kingston St Mary Photographed
25026 2lt J A Munden Kingstone Photographed
25027 All Saints Church Roll of Honour Kingweston Photographed
25028 Lt Col H C Dickinson and Lt G B Dickinson Kingweston Photographed
25029 Dickinson Family Window Kingweston Photographed
25030 W A C Dickinson Kingweston Photographed
25031 Maj F A Dickinson Kingweston Photographed
25011 St Peters Parishioners Langford Budville Photographed
30726 All Saints Church WW1 Baptistry Langport Photographed
30727 O J and L A Banyard Langport Photographed
25033 W J Hill Langport Photographed
25035 E T Mitchell Langport Photographed
1363 St Giles Church WW1 Leigh On Mendip Photographed
1364 St Giles Church WW2 Leigh On Mendip Photographed
25038 St Marys Church Limington Photographed
25039 Long Sutton Long Sutton Photographed
25040 J H D Acland Long Sutton Photographed
25045 All Saints Church Lopen Photographed
25046 All Saints Church Lopen Photographed
24629 St Mary The Virgin - WW1 Luccombe Photographed
24630 St Mary The Virgin - WW2 Luccombe Photographed
24631 Luccombe Roll of Service - WW1 Luccombe Photographed
25013 Lydeard St Lawrence Lydeard St Lawrence Photographed
25014 L/cpl J J Hancock Lydeard St Lawrence Photographed
25015 Sgt J Apse Lydeard St Lawrence Photographed
25016 L/cpl A Kennington Lydeard St Lawrence Photographed
66156 Lympsham Lympsham Photographed
24744 St Christophers Church Lympsham Photographed
24758 Lympsham Ce School WW1 Roll of Honour - Missing Lympsham
24768 Mark Mark Photographed
24769 W V Tout Mark Photographed
24770 A H Fear Mark Photographed
24771 Mark Parish WW1 Mark Photographed
24772 Mark Parish WW2 Mark Photographed
7374 2lt A C Marden Marston Magna Photographed
25055 St Mary The Virgin Church WW1 Marston Magna Photographed
25056 St Mary The Virgin Church WW2 Marston Magna Photographed
25057 H E Hope Marston Magna Photographed
24917 Martock Parish Book of Remembrance Martock Photographed
24921 Martock Memorial Horse Trough Martock Photographed
1411 Martock Martock Photographed
25022 Meare Meare Photographed
25023 Henry Richard Bussell Meare Photographed
1385 Mells Mells Photographed
1386 Lt E Horner Mells Photographed
1387 Lt E Horner Mells Photographed
1388 Mells WW1 and WW2 Mells Photographed
1389 Lt R Asquith Mells Photographed
1391 Capt S G Bates Mells Photographed
1392 Cpl A J Long Mells Photographed
30857 Lt E Horner Mells Photographed
24924 Merriott Merriott Photographed
24852 St Margarets Church Middle Chinnock Photographed
30353 WW1 Plaque Middlezoy Photographed
24960 Calvary Cross - WW1 and WW2 Milborne Port Photographed
1374 Milverton Milverton Photographed
24636 2lt V M Holdsworth Minehead Photographed
24637 Walter William Sparkes Minehead Photographed
24638 Maj J F Bligh MC Minehead Photographed
24640 Capt C C Maud DSO Minehead Photographed
24641 2lt F F Evans Minehead Photographed
24649 Minehead Roll of Honour (St Nicholas) Minehead Photographed
1425 Minehead Minehead Photographed
53924 Westminster Bank - Williton WW2 Minehead
24785 Minehead Burma Memorial Garden Minehead Photographed
24786 Somerset Burma Star Association - Bench Minehead Photographed
24787 Wo1 E A Marrison Minehead Photographed
1362 Montacute WW1 and WW2 Montacute Photographed
30400 Roll of Honour Moorlynch Photographed
24935 Mudford Mudford Photographed
46350 Men of Nether Stowey - WW2 Nether Stowey Photographed
1428 Nether Stowey Nether Stowey Photographed
24941 North Barrow Parish WW1 North Barrow Photographed
24942 Cpl L G Edmunds North Cadbury Photographed
24943 Rfn H Seabright North Cadbury Photographed
24951 North Cadbury North Cadbury Photographed
24952 North Cadbury WW2 North Cadbury Photographed
24953 Lt J W Bennett North Cadbury Photographed
25112 North Curry North Curry Photographed
25113 St Peter and St Paul Parishioners North Curry Photographed
25114 Capt C J C Barrett North Curry Photographed
25115 Capt H R Selfe North Curry Photographed
46352 E R Coles North Newton Photographed
24888 North Newton North Newton Photographed
24966 North Perrott Memorial Cross North Perrott Photographed
24594 Congregational Church WW1 North Petherton Photographed
46357 Plt Off W M Norman RAF North Petherton Photographed
24796 North Petherton - WW1 North Petherton Photographed
24797 North Petherton - WW2 North Petherton Photographed
24799 North Petherton Memorial Playing Field North Petherton Photographed
24794 Northmoor Green Northmoor Green Photographed
66118 Flt Lt R C L Holme MC Norton Sub Hamdon Photographed
66119 P E N Bray Norton Sub Hamdon Photographed
1359 Norton Sub Hamdon WW1 Roll of Honour Number One Norton Sub Hamdon Photographed
1416 St Marys Church WW1 Roll of Honour Number Two Norton Sub Hamdon Photographed
24977 Pte G Tanner Norton Sub Hamdon Photographed
24978 Unknown Soldier (Missing) Norton Sub Hamdon
25051 Norton - WW1 Window Norton Sub Hamdon Photographed
64749 HMS Hesperus - Warship Week Certificate (Missing) Norton Sub Hamdon
1345 All Saints Church Nunney Photographed
1414 Nynehead Memorial Hall Nynehead Photographed
24979 St Peter and St Pauls Church Odcombe Photographed
24660 St Andrews Church - WW1 Tryptych Old Cleeve Photographed
24661 St Andrews Parishioners - WW1 Old Cleeve Photographed
24662 St Andrews Parishioners - WW2 Old Cleeve Photographed
24663 Lysaght WW2 Memorial Clock Old Cleeve Photographed
30371 WW1 Plaque Othery Photographed
30372 Roll of Honour - WW1 Othery Photographed
25135 St Leonards Church Otterford Photographed
46361 Capt C P Everard, Lt J G Everard and Men of Otterhampton Otterhampton Photographed
46362 All Saints Parishioners - WW2 Otterhampton Photographed
46363 Lt D E Pantin Otterhampton Photographed
24642 Maj T Clerk Pilton Photographed
24643 Clerk Family Pilton Photographed
24645 Lt Col J H Balmin Pilton Photographed
1407 Pilton Obelisk Pilton Photographed
25144 St Andrew and St Mary Church WW1 Pitminster Photographed
25145 H N Hobhouse Pitminster Photographed
25151 St Andrew and St Mary Church WW2 Pitminster Photographed
24961 WW1 Plaque Pitney Photographed
24962 Roll of Honour - WW1 Pitney Photographed
1402 Podimore Podimore Photographed
64017 Men of Porlock Porlock Photographed
1365 USAAF B 24 Liberator Crash Site Porlock Photographed
1420 Porlock Porlock Photographed
24764 St Dubricius Parishioners - WW1 Porlock Photographed
24765 St Dubricius Parishioners - WW2 Porlock Photographed
24766 St Dubricius Church - WW2 Porlock Photographed
24767 St Dubricius - WW1 Window Porlock Photographed
25002 Preston Plucknett Preston Plucknett Photographed
25004 Puckington WW1 Puckington Photographed
25006 Queen Camel Parish WW1 Queen Camel Photographed
25007 Queen Camel WW2 Queen Camel Photographed
25024 Tpr H S Miller Rimpton Photographed
25025 Rimpton - WW1 Rimpton Photographed
46347 Bugler W A Wheeler (Private Residence) Rode
24650 E J Pearce Rodney Stoke Photographed
25152 St Georges Parishioners Ruishton Photographed
25153 F Shaddick Runnington Photographed
24673 Pte H Perry Sampford Brett Photographed
24674 Sampford Brett Sampford Brett Photographed
24675 Lt Col P M Wardlaw Sampford Brett Photographed
24628 Seavington St Michael WW1 Seavington St Michael Photographed
30418 A G Montgomery Shapwick Photographed
30419 William Cator Shapwick Photographed
30420 T H Graham Shapwick Photographed
25032 Shepton Beauchamp Calvary Shepton Beauchamp Photographed
1356 Shepton Mallet Shepton Mallet Photographed
1357 Cannards Grave Congregational Church Shepton Mallet Photographed
24684 St Lukes Memorial Window Simonsbath Photographed
24686 St John The Baptist Parishioners - WW1 Skilgate Photographed
24687 2lt T Yandle Skilgate Photographed
2093 Somerton Somerton Photographed
3705 Lt E B Wesche Somerton Photographed
25037 Lancaster House Somerton Photographed
25041 Pte N Harding Somerton Photographed
25042 Somertonians WW1 Somerton Photographed
25043 Somerton Parish WW2 Somerton Photographed
25044 Ens W Ruthven Somerton Photographed
25052 Lt Cdr G R Pretor Pinney Somerton Photographed
25053 Maj G H Phipps Hornby Somerton Photographed
25054 Somerton Parish WW1 Somerton Photographed
25060 South Barrow Church South Barrow Photographed
30728 South Cadbury - WW1 South Cadbury Photographed
30730 C T B Croft South Cadbury Photographed
25064 St Peters and St Pauls Church South Petherton Photographed
25065 P C Lawrence South Petherton Photographed
25066 G A Rawlins South Petherton Photographed
25068 St Mary Magdalene Church Sparkford Photographed
25069 St Mary Magdalene Church Photographs Sparkford Photographed
46370 Spaxton Memorial Sunday School (Residence) Spaxton
1430 St Margarets Parishioners WW1 Spaxton Photographed
1431 St Margarets Parishioners WW2 Spaxton Photographed
25129 St Johns Parishioners Staple Grove Photographed
25130 Capt G C Vaughan Staple Grove Photographed
24853 Stawell Parish WW1 Stawell Photographed
24854 Stawell WW1 Stawell Photographed
24690 Our Lady Parishioners - WW1 Stogumber Photographed
24691 Our Lady Parishioners - WW2 Stogumber Photographed
24692 Lt M R Sweet-Escott Stogumber Photographed
24693 PO C H Mardon RAF Stogumber Photographed
24702 Stogursey Victory Hall Stogursey Photographed
24706 Stogursey Stogursey Photographed
25137 St Gregorys Parishioners WW1 Stoke St Gregory Photographed
25138 Pte F J House Stoke St Gregory Photographed
25139 St Gregorys Parishioners WW2 Stoke St Gregory Photographed
24653 St Michaels Church Stoke St Michael Photographed
24656 Stoke St Michael Memorial Hall Stoke St Michael Photographed
25136 St Marys Church Stoke Sub Hamdon Photographed
1358 Stoke Under Ham Stoke Sub Hamdon Photographed
30814 Sgt A S Thorne Stoke Sub Hamdon Photographed
24658 Ston Easton Ston Easton Photographed
46349 Downside School Stratton On The Fosse Photographed
24668 Street Street Photographed
24670 Street Royal British Legion Street Photographed
46372 Men of Sutton Mallet Sutton Mallet Photographed
25081 Holy Trinity Church Sutton Montis Photographed
25082 G E Taylor-Whitehead Sutton Montis Photographed
25083 G E Taylor-Whitehead Sutton Montis Photographed
25090 St John The Evangelist Church - WW1 Tatworth Photographed
25092 St John The Evangelist Church - WW2 Tatworth Photographed
25093 St John The Evangelist Church Tatworth Photographed
46356 North Somerset Yeomanry Taunton Photographed
1326 Taunton Taunton Photographed
46386 Coles Family Taunton Photographed
46387 W J Toller Taunton Photographed
25140 Taunton School - WW1 and WW2 Memorial Hall Taunton Photographed
46388 E T H Usdell Taunton Photographed
25141 Taunton School - WW2 Sports Pavillion Taunton Photographed
46389 Lt C C Brockington Taunton Photographed
46390 H W Waterman Taunton Photographed
46391 1st Battn Somerset Light Infantry Window - 1912 Taunton Photographed
46393 T L Walsh Taunton Photographed
46394 Col H A Walsh Cb Taunton Photographed
46395 Lt D Goodman Taunton Photographed
46396 Maj J M Vallentin Taunton Photographed
1341 2nd Battn Somerset Light Infantry Taunton Photographed
46397 H T Wynter Taunton Photographed
1342 St Mary Magdalene Parishioners WW1 Taunton Photographed
46398 Ensign J H Jeboult Taunton Photographed
46399 H Van Tromp Taunton Photographed
66112 Capt Cc Maud Capt H L Skrine Lt Taunton Photographed
46400 Brig Gen C G Rawling Taunton Photographed
46401 Lt Col J A and Brig H J A Thicknesse Taunton Photographed
46402 Brig Gen C B Prowse DSO and Capt C I Prowse Rn Taunton Photographed
46403 Brig Gen C B Prowse (Missing) Taunton
46404 St James Parishioners Taunton Photographed
46405 Corfield Family Taunton Photographed
46406 Lt H F Fuge Taunton Photographed
46407 Col L W G Yea Taunton Photographed
46408 F G Thorn Taunton Photographed
46409 Ensign L C N Metford Taunton Photographed
46410 J C Troake Taunton Photographed
46411 L H Harding Taunton Photographed
46412 Lt Col G J Ambrose Cb Taunton Photographed
25176 Great Western Railway Roll of Honour WW1 Taunton Photographed
26049 Taunton Normandy Veterans Memorial Taunton Photographed
30157 40th (2nd Somersetshire) Regiment of Foot - Afghan Campaign Taunton Photographed
24856 Theale Theale Photographed
46373 Lt J W Power Thurloxton Photographed
46374 J D Dunning Thurloxton Photographed
46377 Capt J R S Mather Thurloxton Photographed
1375 Timberscombe Timberscombe Photographed
24776 Maj The Hon R D Ryder Timberscombe Photographed
24777 Capt E M Battersby Timberscombe Photographed
24778 Lt P W Battersby Timberscombe Photographed
24779 Lcpl C Merson Timberscombe Photographed
1405 Tintinhull Cross Tintinhull Photographed
25075 Pte H G Rice Tintinhull Photographed
25146 Capt A V Newton Trull Photographed
25148 H E and T E Clatworthy Trull Photographed
25149 Maj E I Robinson Trull Photographed
25150 Lt Col J Mills Trull Photographed
25179 Trull Trull Photographed
66159 Walton Walton Photographed
25079 Wambrook Wambrook Photographed
25080 Capt C C Hardy DSO Memorial Chapel Wambrook Photographed
24712 Washford Washford Photographed
24742 J Watts Watchet Photographed
24743 St Decumans Church Watchet Photographed
25155 St Michaels Parishioners - WW1 Wayford Photographed
25156 St Michaels Parishioners - WW2 Wayford Photographed
25085 Wayford WW1 Wayford Photographed
25086 Wayford Wayford Photographed
24863 Pte A C Allen Weare Photographed
24864 Pte H Ham Weare Photographed
24865 Weare Parish WW1 Weare Photographed
24869 Wedmore Parish WW1 Wedmore Photographed
24870 2lt W G Bown Wedmore Photographed
24871 2lt S B Henson Wedmore Photographed
24873 Wedmore Wedmore Photographed
30523 Capt T Hodges Wedmore Photographed
1398 Wellington Stone Wellington Photographed
1399 St Johns Church Window and Plaque Wellington Photographed
24680 Somerset Light Infantry Wells Photographed
24681 Somerset Freemasons Wells Photographed
24682 H R C Tudway Wells Photographed
24683 Capt D H MCLean Wells Photographed
66157 Wells - WW1 Wells Photographed
24685 Somerset Men Memorial Chapel WW1 Wells Photographed
66158 Wells - WW2 Wells Photographed
24688 Fl Lt R V Knight Wells Photographed
24689 D E V Chisholm Wells Photographed
1413 St Cuthberts Church Cross Wells Photographed
1415 County of Somerset Boer War Wells Photographed
53923 Westminster Bank - Wells WW2 Wells Photographed
46379 Ab A Barr Wembdon Photographed
46380 St Georges Parishioners Wembdon Photographed
25162 West Bagborough West Bagborough Photographed
25163 St Pancras Church - WW1 West Bagborough Photographed
25164 Acm H R M Brooke-Popham GCVO KCB CMG DSO AFC West Bagborough
24831 West Buckland West Buckland Photographed
25095 West Camel WW2 50th Anniversary West Camel Photographed
46358 St Marys Church WW1 West Chinnock Photographed
46359 West Chinnock WW1 West Chinnock Photographed
46360 Lt W A Curtis Rn West Chinnock Photographed
25096 Pte H Cox West Coker Photographed
25097 St Martins Church WW1 and WW2 West Coker Photographed
25072 2lt C W L Churchill West Coker Photographed
46353 West Lydford West Lydford Photographed
25165 St Augustines Parishioners- WW1 West Monkton Photographed
25166 Lt Col J H Paine DSO West Monkton Photographed
25167 Lt Col R P Lewis West Monkton Photographed
25168 St Augustines Parishioners - WW2 West Monkton Photographed
46354 West Pennard West Pennard Photographed
24714 St Etheldredas Parishioners - WW1 West Quantoxhead Photographed
24715 St Etheldredas Parishioners - WW2 West Quantoxhead Photographed
46351 Capt T H Ernst and Men of Westcombe Westcombe Photographed
25101 Spr C E Balndford Weston Blampfylde Photographed
24891 Westonzoyland Memorial Shell Westonzoyland Photographed
1378 Battle of Sedgemoor Westonzoyland Photographed
30378 WW1 Plaque Westonzoyland Photographed
30379 WW2 Plaque Westonzoyland Photographed
30380 RAF Westonzoyland Westonzoyland Photographed
24717 Cutcombe Parishioners - WW1 Wheddon Cross Photographed
1367 Whitelackington Obelisk Whitelackington Photographed
25102 E H Elton Whitestaunton Photographed
25103 St Andrews Church Whitestaunton Photographed
1422 Winsford Winsford Photographed
24746 Men of Winsford - WW1 Winsford Photographed
24747 Men of Winsford - WW2 Winsford Photographed
24748 Lt O V Le Bas Winsford Photographed
25098 Pte Warren Winsham Photographed
25099 Winsham and Cricket St Thomas Winsham Photographed
25100 Winsham and Cricket St Thomas Winsham Photographed
24728 Withycombe Memorial Hall Withycombe Photographed
24729 St Nicholas Parishioners Withycombe Photographed
24730 Maj D M Govan Withycombe Photographed
25169 St Andrews Church Wiveliscombe Photographed
25170 St Andrews Church Tablets WW1 Wiveliscombe Photographed
25171 St Andrews Church Board WW1 Wiveliscombe Photographed
25172 St Andrews Church Plaque WW2 Wiveliscombe Photographed
25173 W S Capper Wiveliscombe Photographed
25174 R M D Harvey and A G Walker Wiveliscombe Photographed
30528 WW1 Plaque Woolavington Photographed
30529 Gnr P A Clark Woolavington Photographed
30531 WW1 Board Woolavington Photographed
24700 Woolverton Woolverton Photographed
24701 K C H Ripley Woolverton Photographed
24731 All Saints Parishioners - WW1 Wootton Courtenay Photographed
61192 C Gillard Yeovil Photographed
1404 Yeovil Yeovil Photographed
64750 HMS Hesperus - Warship Week Admiralty Plaque Yeovil Photographed
30810 Palembang Nine Yeovilton Photographed

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