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IWM ID Title Town
56984 Lt W G Foster Alderbury Photographed
56985 Lt W G Foster Alderbury Photographed
56991 St Mary's Church Alderbury Photographed
56998 Alderbury, Whaddon and Clarendon Alderbury Photographed
57004 Alderbury Alderbury Photographed
23872 Alverdiston Alverdiston Photographed
23874 Amesbury Amesbury Photographed
24251 Atworth Atworth Photographed
23920 Axford Axford Photographed
67797 St John The Evangelist Bemerton Photographed
69924 St John Church Berwick St John Photographed
69929 St Mary The Virgin Church Bishops Canning Photographed
69948 St Mary The Virgin Church Bishops Canning Photographed
23944 Capt C K Mogg and Pte A B Mogg Bishops Canning Photographed
69926 F Pitman and S Chalke Bowerchalke Photographed
69927 Holy Trinity Bowerchalke Photographed
70018 Boyton and Corton Boyton Photographed
70019 Capt C N Fane Boyton Photographed
70020 T Rugg Boyton Photographed
24256 Boyton Boyton Photographed
70124 Boyton Boyton Photographed
69951 Bratton Bratton Photographed
24142 Broad Blunsdon Broad Blunsdon Photographed
69928 Broad Chalke Broad Chalke Photographed
69955 Bulford Bulford Photographed
24267 Bulkington Bulkington Photographed
24026 Burbage Burbage Photographed
24027 Burbage Burbage Photographed
55684 Nettleton and Burton WW2 Burton Photographed
55686 Nettleton and Burton WW1 Burton Photographed
55687 Nettleton and Burton School Burton Photographed
23934 Castle Coombe Castle Combe Photographed
23935 St Andrews Church - WW1 Castle Combe Photographed
23936 Castle Coombe Thanksgiving Plaque Castle Combe Photographed
43357 Chiseldon Chiseldon Photographed
43533 ANZAC Memorial Codford St Mary Photographed
24271 Codford St Mary Church WW1 Codford St Mary
43535 St Peters Church WW2 Codford St Peter Photographed
70016 Codford St Peter Codford St Peter Photographed
69958 Collingbourne Ducis Collingbourne Ducis Photographed
24057 Collingbourne Kingston Collingbourne Kingston Photographed
24058 Collingbourne Kingston Collingbourne Kingston Photographed
24059 Collingbourne Kingston School Collingbourne Kingston Photographed
23890 St Michael and All Angels Coombe Bissett Photographed
23892 Maj Gen Sir F Benson Coombe Bissett Photographed
69987 Dilton Marsh Hall Dilton Marsh Photographed
24275 Dilton Marsh Dilton Marsh Photographed
69967 Donhead St Andrew Donhead St Andrew Photographed
50956 P Woodford Downton Photographed
50957 Lt J R E Berney Downton Photographed
50958 Downton WW1 Downton Photographed
50959 Downton Parish Downton Photographed
50963 2lt E S L Bonvalot Downton Photographed
23911 Downton Hall Downton Photographed
69966 1st Training Battalion Durrington Photographed
23914 Durrington Durrington Photographed
55712 East Grafton East Grafton Photographed
23915 East Knoyle East Knoyle Photographed
69989 Ebbsbourne Wake Ebbesbourne Wake Photographed
43548 Enford Lychgate Enford Photographed
43549 Erlestoke Erlestoke Photographed
69960 Figheldean Figheldean Photographed
23929 Fovant Fovant Photographed
23930 Fovant Fovant Photographed
56980 St George's Church - WW1 Fovant Photographed
56981 St Georges Church - WW2 Fovant Photographed
24116 Froxfield Froxfield Photographed
24120 Great Bedwyn Great Bedwyn Photographed
71992 Great Hinton Hall Great Hinton Photographed
24061 Palmer Orchard Great Somerford Photographed
23928 St Marys Parishioners - WW1 Grittleton Photographed
23942 Hindon Hindon Photographed
70125 Hindon Hindon Photographed
55926 Horningsham Horningsham Photographed
24289 Keevil Keevil Photographed
24292 RAF Keevil Keevil Photographed
24103 Leigh Leigh Photographed
23953 Ludwell Ludwell Photographed
69172 Maiden Bradley Maiden Bradley Photographed
69996 Maiden Bradley Hall Maiden Bradley Photographed
55714 Manningford Bruce Manningford Bruce Photographed
70126 Manningford Bruce Manningford Bruce Photographed
3174 Market Lavington Market Lavington Photographed
69179 Marlborough College Staff - WW1 Marlborough Photographed
24129 Marlborough Marlborough Photographed
24130 Old Standard of The Queens Bays Marlborough Photographed
24137 Marlborough Marlborough Photographed
24138 7th Service Battalion Wiltshire Regiment Marlborough Photographed
69982 Capt J T Bradfield Marlborough Photographed
69985 Col N Manders Marlborough Photographed
55681 Lt J L Kellsall Marlborough Photographed
55707 Marlborough Grammar School WW1 Marlborough Photographed
24234 347th Station Hospital Marlborough Photographed
69998 Third Armoured Division Mere Photographed
23954 Mere Mere Photographed
23990 Newton Tony Hall Newton Tony Photographed
50968 Nomansland Nomansland Photographed
69962 St James Church North Wraxall Photographed
24327 Norton Bavant WW1 Norton Bavant Photographed
24144 Ogbourne St Andrew Ogbourne St Andrew Photographed
24163 Ramsbury Ramsbury Photographed
24164 437th Troop Carrier Group 9th Air Force USSAF Ramsbury Photographed
24704 Holy Cross Parishioners - WW1 Ramsbury Photographed
24705 Holy Cross Church - WW2 Ramsbury Photographed
50967 Morgans Vale and Woodfalls Redlynch Photographed
70129 Rowde Rowde Photographed
70131 Royal Wootton Bassett Royal Wootton Bassett Photographed
24065 St Edmunds Church Salisbury Photographed
24077 London Rd Cemetery Salisbury Photographed
24079 St Thomas Becket Church WW1 Salisbury Photographed
24080 L/cpl F W Burges Salisbury Photographed
24081 Capt C R A Beckett Ferrell Salisbury Photographed
24082 C L Sanctuary Salisbury Photographed
24083 HMS Salisbury Salisbury Photographed
24084 Parish of St Thomas and St Edmund Salisbury Photographed
57899 Citizens of Salisbury Salisbury Photographed
69171 Salisbury United Reform Church Salisbury Photographed
43615 Capt G Dodgson Salisbury Photographed
43616 Capt F Dodgson Salisbury Photographed
43617 Lt J P M Carpenter Salisbury Photographed
43618 Capt C B M Hodgson Salisbury Photographed
43619 Capt C K Merewether Salisbury Photographed
43620 Col F A Symons Salisbury Photographed
43621 Gnr G A K Buskin Salisbury Photographed
43624 Wiltshire Regt Colours Salisbury Photographed
43630 Rsm J Peniston Salisbury Photographed
69999 The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiments - 1994-2006 Salisbury Photographed
43631 Lt Alan Smith Salisbury Photographed
70000 The Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment - 1961-1993 Salisbury Photographed
43632 Capt Sir Edward Hulse Salisbury Photographed
43634 Lt H Trenchard Salisbury Photographed
70003 The Rifles Berkshire and Wiltshire Museum Salisbury Photographed
43635 Adm John Fulford Salisbury Photographed
43636 Brig The Earl of Radnor Salisbury Photographed
70005 Pte J Drew, Pte W Newport and Pte L Clay Salisbury Photographed
43639 Wiltshire Militia Colour Salisbury Photographed
70008 Lt A F Gilpin Salisbury Photographed
43640 Salisbury WW2 Flags Salisbury Photographed
70013 St Thomas and St Edmunds Church Salisbury Photographed
43650 Lt Col Robert Poore Salisbury Photographed
43653 HMS Salisbury Salisbury Photographed
43657 R B Farrer Salisbury Photographed
43661 Mid Henry Arney Salisbury Photographed
24002 Sgt M Harding Salisbury Photographed
24003 Maj P W Forbes Salisbury Photographed
24031 People of Salisbury WW2 Salisbury Photographed
24032 Glider Pilot Regt Salisbury Photographed
24033 E W Tennant Salisbury Photographed
24034 Burma Campaign Salisbury Photographed
24035 Capt R H Oliver Salisbury Photographed
60156 Normandy Veterans Salisbury Photographed
24112 N S Stewart Sedgehill Photographed
24198 Seend Seend Photographed
69619 St George's Church Semington Photographed
69620 PO W Kemp Semington Photographed
68902 Semley Semley Photographed
24105 St Leonards Church Semley Photographed
24108 Lt G D I Armstrong Semley Photographed
24330 Sherrington Parish - WW1 Sherrington Photographed
24286 Holy Cross Parishioner Sherston Photographed
24110 Capt E B Loraine and S/sgt R H V Wilson Shrewton Photographed
51019 Shrewton Shrewton Photographed
24297 Sopworth Sopworth Photographed
43574 St Katharines Savernake Forest St Katharines Photographed
43575 Capt C W Carleton St Katharines Photographed
24357 Steeple Ashton Steeple Ashton Photographed
68977 Stratford-Sub-Castle - WW1 Stratford-sub-Castle Photographed
24331 St John The Evangelist Church Sutton Veny Photographed
24332 CWGC Cross Australian Cemetery Sutton Veny Photographed
24333 ANZAC Memorial Chapel Sutton Veny Photographed
24334 Alexander Family Sutton Veny Photographed
24335 P G Hobbs and W P Hobbs Sutton Veny Photographed
50952 Great Western Railway Works Swindon Photographed
24152 Men and Women of Great Western Railway Works (1-Replaced) Swindon Photographed
24159 Swindon Swindon Photographed
24171 Great Western Railway 19 and 20 Swindon Photographed
24172 Great Western Railway Nos 9 and 19a Shops Swindon Photographed
24175 Great Western Railway Carriage and Wagon Paint Shops WW1 Swindon Photographed
24176 Great Western Railway No 15 Shop Bed WW1 Swindon Photographed
24177 Great Western Railway No 15 Shop Bed Swindon Photographed
24178 Great Western Railway No 19d Shop Bed Swindon Photographed
24179 Great Western Railway No 3 Shop Bed WW1 Swindon Photographed
24180 Great Western Railway No 18 Shop Bed WW1 Swindon Photographed
61045 Great Western Railway WW1 Swindon Photographed
24186 Great Western Railway 19b Shop Swindon Photographed
24190 Great Western Railway 19c Shop Swindon Photographed
24191 Great Western Railway L2 Shop Loco Dept WW1 Swindon Photographed
24192 Great Western Railway 19d Shop Swindon Photographed
51132 Men of K Shop Great Western Railway Works Swindon Photographed
51136 WW1 Men of The Iron Foundries Swindon Photographed
51137 WW1 Brass Foundry and White Metal Shops Swindon Photographed
24235 Tidworth Tidworth Photographed
40661 Holy Trinity Church Tidworth Photographed
63463 Tidworth Tidworth Photographed
43577 Tilshead Tilshead Photographed
43578 Tilshead Parachute Regiment Tilshead Photographed
55709 Glider Pilot Regiment Tilshead Photographed
43606 Tisbury Village Tisbury Photographed
43607 Tisbury Parish Tisbury Photographed
66187 55th Armored Infantry Battalion 11th Armoured Division Third United States Army Tisbury Photographed
70010 Upavon Baptist Church Upavon Photographed
24355 Warminster Warminster Photographed
24356 Westbury Westbury Photographed
24127 All Saints Church Whiteparish Photographed
55710 Wilsford Wilsford Photographed
24128 Wilton Wilton Photographed
24365 Wingfield Wingfield Photographed
24368 Wingfield Wingfield Photographed
24369 2nd PO S D J Curnock Wingfield Photographed
24366 Winsley Winsley Photographed
24367 Fl Lt O R Matheson Dfc Winsley Photographed
24132 Sgt G W Jeffreys Winterbourne Earls Photographed
24133 2lt R E E Skyrme Winterbourne Earls Photographed
70141 St Michael and All Angels Winterbourne Earls Photographed
70138 Pte F W Ferris Woodborough Photographed
70140 St Mary Magdalene Woodborough Photographed
70135 Wylye Wylye Photographed

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